Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gay Prince

Alba and Simpson bullied as kids

A Surprise Boost for Euro from China

Gay Saudi prince 'strangled servant in sexual killing'

Of Bedbugs and Tea Parties

Israeli organ traffickers bring their business to the Philippines.

Norman Wisdom 1915 - 2010

Ecuador Coup Attempt Engineered by the CIA

The CIA tipped off Mugabe on Ecuador

05 Oct 2010

"Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe was tipped off against going to Ecuador by the America Central Intelligence Agency, as they had information about an impending political upheaval [aka their coup] in the volatile country, Zimdaily has learnt.

"Despite posturing about anti-American sentiment, Zimdaily has it on good authority that Mugabe abruptly cut short his trip and returned to Zimbabwe after the CIA warned him of a threat to his personal safety if he went ahead with the trip."

Twelfth Bough

4 boys aged 9 suspended for selling cannabis at Burnley primary school

As families face benefits cuts Kelly Marshall spent hers on £4500 boob job.

Industry study shows brain tumour link to heavy mobile phone usage

UK's David Cameron: 'Your country needs you'

NATO, EU Headquarters: "Get Ready For Break-Up Of Belgium"

U.S. Mercenaries were behind Croatian offensive in Balkan War

Israel preparing to attack Syria: report

The war on tourism continues.

Iran opened its airspace to Chinese planes which were taking part in joint military exercises with Turkey. (Iran opens airspace to China warplanes)

Turkey and China conducted the drills in Turkey in September 2010.

The war games, codenamed the Anatolian Eagle, were the first involving Turkey and China.

Turkey had previously carried out Anatolian Eagle maneuvers with the US and other NATO members as well as Israel.

Turkish F-16, Chinese Su-27 and Mig-29 fighter jets took part in mock dogfights during the drills.

The maneuvers come ahead of a planned visit by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Turkey.

Turkey and China took their first step in military cooperation in the late 1990s with joint missile production, manufacturing weapons with a 150-kilometer range, the Hurriyet daily reported on its website.


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chuckyman said...

So Aangirfan as we approach the eye of the storm we swirl faster and faster. Will there be a pause as we hit the eye or a calamitous dip? An interesting word from the ‘wise’

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