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General Henry Hugh Shelton was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001. On 9 11 Shelton was on a plane to London, England. Vice Chairman Air Force General Richard Myers took charge on 9 11 and on October 1, 2001 became Shelton's successor.

A new book by General Hugh Shelton says a Clinton cabinet member proposed letting Saddam kill an American airman as a pretext for war.

Gen. Hugh Shelton: Clinton Official Suggested Letting U.S. Plane Be Shot Down To Provoke War With Iraq

Clinton aide's idea: Let Iraq shoot down U.S. plane‎ - Salon

Philip Morse is vice chairman of New England Sports Ventures (Boston Red Sox), which has recently bought Liverpool Football Club in the UK.

A jet owned by Morse was chartered by the CIA and used in flights linked to the kidnapping and torture of 'terror suspects'.

Mr Morse confirmed the arrangement with the CIA. He said: ‘Yeah, that’s true.’

- CIA paid Liverpool buyout tycoon use his jet for torture flights.

"Let’s consider Obama’s czars: Economic Czars – Larry Summers & Paul Volker, Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein, Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg, Military Jails Czar – Daniel Fried, Car Czars – Steven Rattner and Ron Bloom, Border Czar – Alan Bersin, Health Rationing Czar – Dr. Donald Berwick, Food Czar – Sam Kass, Climate Czar – Todd Stern, Global Warming Czar – Carol Browner, Afghanistan Czar – Richard Holbrooke, Central Region Czar – Dennis Ross, Aids Czar – Jeffrey Crowley, Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal, Anti-semitism Czar – Hannah Rosenthal, Government Performance Czar – Jeffrey Zients, Drug Czar – Gil Kerlikowske, Science Czar – John Holdren, all are Jewish.

Twelfth Bough: we are all servants, but we get to choose our master

Anonymous wrote
: "How can we, as individuals or as organized groups of Resistants, really put an end to their oppressive plan for world government, if they are actually said to infiltrate and finance both sides of any cause, both sides of any war, while being amazingly wealthy and increasingly more powerful...

"How can we, at least, resist what is happening to our Constitutions and to our civil liberties, without becoming outlaws ourselves, especially when sovereign states are turning into police states, when politicians deemed to represent our best interests are nothing more than puppets those people fully control through blackmail, corruption and pressure..."

james griffon commented: "The first thing that has to happen is that the teevee has to be removed from your life. Then newspapers. Then next time you think of going out for dinner, invite your neighbours in instead. Put a stop to the continuing brainwashing and to the social isolation. That's a humble yet solid foundation to build on. And there's nothing they can do about it!"

“Rich dudes,” said one teenager. Another said she had a customer who was a judge. Both mentioned businessmen and lawyers as customers, and said some johns drive from the suburbs into Oakland.

Child Prostitution “Epidemic” in Oakland, CA

Yvette Cooper

Leader of the UK Labour Party, Ed Miliband, used to share a house with Yvette Cooper - Very cosy comrades! Now we reveal how Ed Miliband once shared a house with his new shadow Foreign Secretary.

Channel 4 in explosive row with millionaire UK Tories over 'tax dodge ...

"Either Scotland stays in the Westminster straitjacket of low growth, public sector cutbacks and blighted futures, or we take responsibility and change our circumstances for the better." - Alex Salmond. SNP offers two-year council tax freeze

Robert Murat: What are you thinking?

American agent David Headley





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Great stories, keep up the good work, always to the point, factual, timely and efficient...
Shelton was complicit in the barbaric inside job of 9/11 notwithstanding his being on a flight across the's a division of labor at the JCS to make believe that they were victims on that day, and not part of the master plan for the most horrific False Flag attack ever....

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