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'CIA asset' General Ibrahim Babangida, the man the CIA reportedly wants as Nigeria's president.

Nigeria would be a success story, if it was not for the CIA and other trouble makers.

Nigeria is being helped by high oil prices, a lot of foreign investment and the gradual liberalisation of its economy.

But, certain people may be stirring up trouble.

There appears to be a war going on for Nigeria's oil.

Car bombs in Lagos. (AFP)

There have been talks between Nigeria and a Chinese oil company.

China hopes to grab certain oil blocks from western energy groups, Shell, Chevron, Total and ExxonMobil.

Goodluck Jonathan, now Nigeria's president, shakes hands with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, 8 January 2010.

If the Chinese state-controlled oil cpmpany's bids are accepted this will double China’s oil reserves in Africa. (China seeks a sixth of Nigeria's oil reserves - Telegraph / China's oil talks with Nigeria: the unanswered questions FT ...)

Obama Senior. On 17 August 2010, at voltairenet, Wayne Madsen "documented the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and CIA-affiliated operations in Kenya." (OBAMA'S FATHER AND THE CIA )

On 1 October 2010, Bombs rattled Independence day in Nigeria

The car bomb explosions killed eight people in Lagos, Nigeria's capital.

Former President, General Ibrahim Babangida, allegedly a CIA asset, was the only past Nigerian leader absent at the Independence Day ceremony. (IBB, Atiku absent at celebration)

UK VIPs pulled out ahead of the deadly Nigeria parade. "The Queen's representative was due to attend but did not. Ex-PM Gordon Brown cancelled his visit to the country."

The Duke of Gloucester did not attend.

MEND, Nigeria's Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, Nigeria's biggest rebel militia, reportedly warned it had planted bombs.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was quoted by AFP news agency as saying: "It has nothing to do with Mend."

MEND wants a greater share of oil revenues to go to the impoverished Niger Delta, home to Africa's biggest oil and gas industry.

Reportedly, MEND has struck at off-shore oil installations.

In 2009, an amnesty was agreed with rebels in the Delta.

MEND may have been infiltrated by a certain group.

Allegedly, in Nigeria, the CIA is "positioning Ibrahim B. Babangida to return to power." (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

Orji Kalu, linked to a mysterious death. He may be Babangida's running mate.

The CIA may want Ibrahim Babangida standing as the presidential candidate and Orji Uzor Kalu as his running mate.

General Ibrahim Babangida ruled Nigeria from his coup against Muhammadu Buhari in 1985 until his departure in 1993.

Allegedly, Babangida is a CIA asset.

"The CIA cut a deal with Babangida, where Nigeria was used as a major drug transit and money laundering center for the proceeds of the CIA drug trade." (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

Orji Uzor Kalu was a candidate for President of Nigeria in the April 2007 general election. [1]

(Maryland police cleared Orji Uzor Kalu of involvement in the death of a woman, Chinwe Masi at his residence in Maryland, USA.)

"Reports say, Kalu drives into CIA Virginia Headquarters freely, with little on no clearance required of him as expected of visitors at CIA headquarters; sources told RR that only CIA agents and its operatives can have such access in that CIA Virginia facility, others pointed that Orji Uzor Kalu is in proximity to CIA Virgina headquarters, ‘he is their boy’ another commentator who spoke on condition of anonymity added." (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

Reportedly, Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian 'underwear bomber', bound for Detroit, was doing the work of the CIA and Mossad.

According to the writer at CIA Agents & Nigeria. :

Former dictator Ibrahim Babangida and Kalu may be CIA operatives (Moshood Abiola too) who assisted the US, with drug trafficking.

The CIA may want Ibrahim Babangida standing as the presidential candidate and Orji Uzor Kalu as his running mate.

Reportedly, the CIA did not want Chinwe Masi's mysterious death in Kalu’s Mansion to become a distraction to the “CIA Nigeria Roadmap”.

If Nigeria becomes balkanised (broken up along tribal lines) by 2015 or earlier as predicted by the CIA, the US will use its AFRICOM to protect the oil-wells.

In 1986, the Time Magazine reported that during the Reagan administration, the U.S had the elite commando unit, the SEALS, dispatched to several different countries for covert activities.

This unit was in Nigeria in August 1985, during the week that Babangida overthrew Muhammadu Buhari.

General Buhari

After the coup, the CIA cut a deal with Babangida, where Nigeria was used as a major drug transit and money laundering center for the proceeds of the CIA drug trade.

The phony or rogue bank, BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) was used to launder the proceeds of the drug business and take them out of the country.

Babangida’s loot left the country through this bank. Remember that branches of this bank were everywhere in Lagos and the North.

Journalist Dele Giwa stumbled on this information about drugs and was about to break the news when, in 1966, he was killed by a mail bomb.

Dele Giwa

Toward the end of 1986, or 1987, Babangida was given a “Strategic” award, by the Heritage Foundation.

There was an explosion of drug activities during Babangida’s regime.

It was during Babangida’s regime that most of the wealth was looted.

"Monumental kleptocrat and notorious dictator" General Sani Abacha, President of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998. He was trained at the Defence Officers cadet Training College in Aldershot, England.

Abacha and Abiola may have been killed with the assistance of the CIA.

The only leader that Nigerian people ever elected was Abiola.

Moshood Abiola (1937 – 1998) ran for the presidency in 1993, and won, but remained President-Elect till his death, as he was denied his mandate when the election results were annulled by the preceding military president Ibrahim Babangida.

Nigeria needs the likes of Nuhu Ribadus, Gani Fawhinmis, Tai Solarins, Mohammed Buharis and Babatunde Idiagbons.

Most of Nigeria's problems, especially the Niger Delta, can be traced back to LONDON AND WASHINGTON, through their multinational corporations.





Anonymous said...

Although your article is poorly written you do have some interesting info.. IBB is a mossad asset not CIA.. as usual everything mossad is a false flag even who they really are. the so-called Lebanese that have inordinate control of nigeria commerce as in other african countries are actually"israeli". africans have been had in so many ways it will take a miracle to unwind and see them straight. NICE article nice to see someone talking about this.. check also GILMOR, Megaplaza, IBB Minna mansion security.

Anonymous said...

Nigerians know there is no way MEND could have carried out that devastating attack on October 1st, it just does not make any sense that they would. MEND has thrived on the support of Nigerians and would not in any given circumstances turn against its own people with what was clearly an anti-people move.

We know also that IBB is a Mossad/CIA asset, as was Abiola and Umar Muttalab (father of the crouch bomber and former Chairman of Nigeria's premier bank, First Bank) amongst others like Orji Uzor Kalu. Mossad's chief operative in Nigeria is Alon Nelken, an Israeli and owner of Megaplaza shopping mall in Victoria Islands, Lagos. In Nigeria, one would find a clear infiltration of foreign bodies posed as foundations and organizatonal institutions all geared toward influencing government policies in the oil and gas sectors. Babangida is especially attractive to the host countries of these organizations and fronts because of his brutality and ability to whip the Niger Delta revolt into line and open its creeks to more oil exploration and devastation. The fear in these quarters is that Goodluck Jonathan, being a Niger Deltan himself, would be sympathetic to their cause. Not surprising therefore that he has come out in completely support of the group by denying their involvement in the said bombing incident.

Anonymous said...

From all indications,Nigeria is a nation sabotaged from the beginning by her own leaders. It would be futile, risky and probably fatal, to attempt any change from within via indigenous efforts cum patriotism.

Until the likes of IBB, Orji Kalu etc are no more around, it is better to surrender to the whims and caprices of the sadistic spin doctors at Langley, Virginia.

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