Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Birmingham Town Hall by Parrot of Doom

We learn in October 2010 that, over the past 12 months, the British security services have practised for "a Mumbai-style attack and in Birmingham the emergency services conducted a secret exercise." ('plotting Mumbai-style attack on cities')

On 30 September 2010, The Independent reported that British police and security services 'recently' held an unpublicised exercise in Birmingham, in the West Midlands, to rehearse scenarios to deal with a Mumbai-style attack on the UK. (Mumbai-style commando raid plan 'uncovered')

According to The Telegraph, 30 September 2010, "David Cameron, the Prime Minister, asked to see details about preparations for a Mumbai-style attack when he was notified about the plot around two weeks ago...

"He was shown the results of a training exercise in the West Midlands earlier this year involving police marksmen, special forces and the emergency services." (British 'behind Mumbai-style plot')

According to the Daily Mirror on 4 October 2010, "in preparation for a Mumbai scenario, police and soldiers have carried out joint exercises near Dover." (CIA-NATO Gladio-style terror threat of attacks on tourist ...)

"The easiest way to run a false flag attack is under the cover of a military exercise," says Captain Eric H May, a former US intelligence officer. (THE NATO LINK TO THE MADRID BOMBINGS OF 2004)

The 7 July 2005 London Tube Bombings occurred the same day as a government terror exercise.

A few hours before the Madrid Bombings, NATO carried out a terrorism exercise in Madrid. (Translate this page)

"The chances of a terrorist attack occurs within hours of the completion of anti-terrorist exercises, as in Madrid, or the same day that they are developing, as happened in London, or New York on 9 11, is one in millions." (Translate this page)

It is believed by some people that the CIA and its friends may have used a private military group to carry out the Mumbai attacks. (TRIPLE CANOPY; THE MUMBAI ATTACKS)

Some people believe that the CIA and Mossad would not hesitate to attack the UK. (The Americans murdered Mountbatten and Thatcher's friend Airey Neave? / THE REAL TERRORISTS; THE ATTEMPT TO BOMB THE HOUSE OF COMMONS.)


Axis Security, opens new office in Birmingham.

Police surveillance of Muslims set up with 'no regard for law'

In pictures: Conservative Conference in Birmingham



AnnoyingJoe said...

Since 9/11 I have said, and continue to say, that a Mumbai style attack will be the preferred AND most effective terrorist strategy. ack. A few tools, unafraid to die and armed with semiautomatic weapons, could stage a tremendously effective att

Anon said...

It is possible that none of the 'white men' and others who staged the Mumbai attacks were actually killed. The dead bodies that were produced were most likely innocent patsies.

- Aangirfan

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