Monday, October 11, 2010


Linda Norgrove

Linda Norgrove was apparently killed by American troops.

A grenade detonated by American taskforce members may have been to blame. (Linda Norgrove: aid worker 'killed by friendly fire' )

On 26 September 2010, Linda Norgrove, who was doing work for CIA-front organisation USAID, was 'kidnapped' in Kunar province in Afghanistan. (Murdered aid worker: Kunar province is one of Afghanistan's most... / USAID-CIA.)

Most likely, the group which 'kidnapped' her is linked to drugs warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. (Kidnapped aid worker dies in failed rescue attempt)

Most of the fighters in Kunar province are loyal to Hekmatyar. (Murdered aid worker: Kunar province is one of Afghanistan's most )

Hekmatyar has been funded by the CIA. (Kidnapped aid worker dies in failed rescue attempt/ CIA SUPPORT FOR THE EXTREMIST MOSLEMS IN AFGHANISTAN)

Hekmatyar was a key figure in the CIA's Safari Club network, a coalition of intelligence services. (A HISTORY OF AL QAEDA)

Richard J. Kerr, former Deputy Director of CIA, with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, in Islamabad in 1988. Website for this image

According to The Sunday Telegraph, which has links to MI6, "a string of kidnaps in the same province earlier this year had ended peacefully through the negotiations of local elders and the chief of police in Kumar province, Khalilullah Zaiyi, was confident a delegation of local leaders could secure Miss Norgrove's release...

"Local Afghan leaders wanted to negotiate with Miss Norgrove's kidnappers to win her freedom but were overruled by Nato commanders." (Kidnapped aid worker.)

Linda Norgrove reportedly died during a 'rescue' mission carried out by US special forces.

Norgrove worked for US agency Development Alternatives Inc (DAI), which was working for the American government's development agency USAID.

Linda Norgrove.

Security guards were with Norgrove at the time of her 'kidnap'.

The 'kidnap gang' escaped with Norgrove and three of her Afghan colleagues.

Locals described the scene of the attack as being close to a police checkpoint. (Kidnapped aid worker. )

A local farmer told The Sunday Telegraph he had seen Norgrove being led up into the hills after she was 'kidnapped' by between six and eight men.

Norgrove was seated on a donkey, while her Afghan colleagues were on foot.

Taliban figures denied being involved. (Kidnapped aid worker. )

A report dated 29 September 2010 referred to pervasive fraud within the office where Norgrove worked.

Reportedly, the Taliban were receiving money from the office. (Kidnapped aid worker. )

Did the CIA want Linda Norgrove killed, because she knew too much?



Edo said...

She was blown to bits by a suicide jacket. ahem. She was blown to bits.

WV = cando (oh the irony)

subrosa said...

Somebody knows Aangirfan but we'll never find out. This 'rescue' isn't in line with most of these rescues and the fact the Americans were involved makes me even more suspicious.

The poor woman's parents must be feeling hellish.

aferrismoon said...

The snide thing about it is that she's immediately taken over by the media and used for a continuation of killing agenda.


Edo said...

Pure speculation on my part, but I think the so-called 'rescue' mission was an assasination mission. Or just another fuck up in a long line of fuck ups, of course.

nobody said...

Following on from aferrismoon, it's my opinion that if Norgrove had been fat and ugly she wouldn't have garnered any sympathy, wouldn't have dominated two entire news cycles, and frankly wouldn't have been worth killing. As is, she was well worth it. Darkies Killing The White Women! Let's blow their shit up!

Honestly you can't buy that sort of publicity. And what did it cost the death cult? An airfare? Small potatoes. I'll even bet they'd taken out a life insurance policy on her a la Walmart. Honestly, when someone is worth more dead than alive, then there ain't no point wondering. Not with the death cult. And sure enough, USAID = death cult.

Modscene said...

The Morning Sky News report came from a Correspondent in Afghanistan ..He claimed that Linda was killed by a Grenade.. A hour later William Hague addressed the nation and within 10 minutes Sky News had changed their story and removed the video.. The first report turned out to be correct. William Hague must have known she was killed by a Grenade but ran with the US version of events.

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