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Something called the Vicsim Report claims to tell us more about the 9 11 VICTIMS:

The 9/11 Vicsims Report "analyzes the photographic images, names of victims, and comments posted on CNN’s memorial website for the victims of 9/11.

"It makes a very strong case that many of the alleged 9/11 victims NEVER EXISTED and demonstrates this by showing how names and photographs of “victims” were morphed into each other to create a new victim in a sequential order.

"Many of the photographs on CNN’s site were blatantly 'photoshopped'." (A sickening piece of evidence in the WTC attacks— The "Vicsims".)

"The entire body of victims - from the airplanes, to the Pentagon, to the World Trade Center - had all been created at the same time by an 'identity generating' software program which creates 'digital' people with (oft improbable) fictitious names.

"Anyone armed with a little patience and a discerning attitude should be able to realize that the CNN Victim Memorial is a preposterous list of counterfeit identities."
(The Vicsim Report -

More from Aferrismoon on 911 VICSIMS

"I began to look also into the victims in my area ...

"I had found four who went to the Westfield High School and it just happened that my library had put the yearbooks online - as well as our town paper...

"So I passed the info on to Simon. At least on three of them.

"As I went to send info in on the last one, I realized I was 'suspended.' But this is all 100% verifiable info that these people were REAL." (Humint Events Online: Simon Shack Has an Agenda)


"I would love to see a concise analysis of the claims in the 'Vicsims report'.

"I find much of the material, both in the report and on the forum, superficially unconvincing.

"In particular, the endless comparison of slightly similar looking individuals appears pointless.

"I would love for Simon Shack to say 'Here are my three best bits of evidence - knock them down if you can'." (Humint Events Online: Simon Shack Has an Agenda)


nobody said...

Hullo Aang,
It's been a few years but I spent a bit of time playing around on morphing software. I spent far more time on photoshop. And I got to say, that that vicsim report just left me cold. I could see no links or similarities at all. Not apart from the fact that everyone in there seemed to have mouths, noses, eyes, etc. His discussion of morphing seemed to be completely free of any aspects of actual morphing. Best I could tell, he had two disparate photos with the middle shot being a meaningless dissolve of the two. And? Also his busy dozen-photo melanges with the blue lines connecting chins and eyes etc. were the equivalent of visual gibberish. I couldn't make head nor tail out of them.

As for name construction, I daily crush the Times crossword, and once again I couldn't see it. If the point he was making that lots of words have syllables in common, I'd have to say 'duh'. If they didn't there'd be no such thing as cryptic crosswords. All a cryptic is is the construction of a word from bits of other words. Honestly, it's as simple as that. And he wants to tell us that these names have bits of other names does he? Well shit eh.

I will admit that I didn't read it all. But from what I saw of the pix, frankly I don't think it's worth it. I'll try again tonight, but only out of a sense of duty. Which is a shame since I wanted it to be true.

As for the photos you've got here, having seen the paucity of the case in the vicsim pdf I'm putting that down to 'shit happens'. I know plenty of people who strike the same pose and make the same face in photo after photo. Eric Bennett - no problems. I know those two pix look similar but my professional opinion is that they're the same guy, different photos, each taken years apart.


Edo said...

I concur.
I must admit when I first checked out Simon Shack's work I was really interested. Eventually though, he tripped up, and I pointed it out to him. That was interesting!
That landslide in Italy being the focus of his "News Fakery" piece, I decided to take a trip to the place myself using Google Earth / Streetview. What became instantly obvious was that the land around there was already showing big signs of decay, and more importantly, the aspects of the research were blown, especially where one of his vids was concerned (he took it down straight away)

Needless to say, that was it for me.

aferrismoon said...

The morphing ones are difficult for me as I haven't used the software, but just look at some of the photos, they're abominable.

Some are photos of photos, other appear to be cut out of magazines.


A. Peasant said...

this is very interesting. this theory looks like something set up in a sloppy way in order to be completely discredited.

and why would someone do that?

microexpressions are useful:

Anonymous said...

the same scam was used on 7\7.
william wise and philip beer never existed

Anonymous said...

Operation Northwoods said the victims would be fake, so why is anybody surprised?

No CIA goons at CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX ??

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