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According to Daniel Hannan, "the freest, wealthiest and happiest countries in the world are, as a rule, titchy." (Successful countries think small – Telegraph Blogs )

Giant China is much poorer than tiny Singapore in terms of wealth per person

GDP (PPP) per capita -

China US$ 6,567

Singapore US$ 50,523

It's better to live in Switzerland than in the USA.

Switzerland is decentralised, and therefore generally peaceful, prosperous and happy.

The USA "was founded in a popular revolt against a remote government."

Yet, today, little Texas finds itself being looted by the big remote government in Washington.

"Most large states become centralised over time." (Successful countries think small – Telegraph Blogs)

And that allows imperialists and mafias to rule.

The imperialists and mafias?

They don't really care about us.

Many parts of the world get looted of their wealth.

The looting only stops when a state gains total independence.

That means no foreign mafias and no foreign military bases.

Iraq is not yet independent.

Iraq, like Scotland, has lost many of its most talented people.

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Scotland is a good example of a country which would be MUCH wealthier and happier if it was independent.

Scotland is still not independent, although it has a parliament in Edinburgh with very limited powers.

Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has warned that Scotland's oil wealth is being squandered. (delivering on its promises)

Scotland's oil wealth is used to keep the London government afloat.

According to Stiglitz, there should be an oil fund to secure the wealth that remains under the North Sea for future generations.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight Scotland, Prof Stiglitz attacked the London Government's policy of deep cuts.


Photo by sillydog Marie Richie

Scotland leads the world in many areas.

Scotland has Europe's biggest wind farm and Scotland is expected to produce 25% of Europe's renewable energy. (Iberdola expects to spend £2.7bn in Scotland)

Scotland still has lots of oil. At least half the oil is still to come.

Scotland's Scottish National Party government has performed well, in spite of its limited powers.

In August 2010, economic activity across Scotland's private sector rose at a stronger pace than the UK as a whole, according to a new report.

(Economic activity 'still rising' / Scottish growth outstrips UK )n

Scottish engineering firms are enjoying their strongest expansion in 12 years

The Scots invented most things:

Macadamised roads, the pedal bicycle, the pneumatic tyre, tubular steel, a successful steam engine, iron-hulled steamships, the first practical screw propeller, making cast steel from wrought iron, the hot blast oven, the steam hammer, wire rope, the mechanical reaping machine, print stereotyping, roller printing, the adhesive postage stamp and the postmark, Universal Standard Time, light signalling between ships, the telephone, the teleprinter, the first working television, and colour television, radar, the underlying principles of radio, logarithms, the theory of electromagnetism, the concept of latent heat, the pyroscope, the atmometer, the aethrioscope scientific instruments, identifying the nucleus in living cells, hypnotism, colloid chemistry, the kelvin SI unit of temperature, the diagramatic system of representing chemical bonds, criminal fingerprinting, the noble gases, the cloud chamber, the ultrasound scanner, the MRI body scanner, golf, pioneering the use of surgical anaesthesia with chloroform, the hypodermic syringe, identifying the mosquito as the carrier of malaria, identifying the cause of brucellosis, the vaccine for typhoid, discovering insulin, penicillin, discovering an effective tuberculosis treatment, primary creator of the artificial kidney, developing the first beta-blocker drugs, the refrigerator, the flush toilet, the piano footpedal, the first automated can-filing machine, the waterproof macintosh, the kaleidoscope, the modern lawnmower, cotton-reel, Bovril, chemical telegraph (Automatic Telegraphy) etc

Switzerland - posted to Flickr as Vals, Switzerland by Mei Burgin

Anonymous writes about Switzerland and the problems of its banks:

"Could it be the the NY branch of the powers that be are planning for us 'a treatment as given to Iceland', in order to get us finally integrated into the EC and the NWO?"

Europe better than America? Switzerland is peaceful..

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