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Glasgow Boys by Patrick Mackie

On 6 September 2010, we read that in one class in a UK school:

21 out of 24 kids were found to have families with big social problems, including drugs dependency, alcoholism and serious violence.

Revealed: Stark reality of frontline teaching.

According to The Herald: A new report by Glasgow City Council refers to a 'horrendous catalogue of social issues ... in schools serving large swathes of the city plagued by poverty.'

Glasgow means: the UK Labour Party (the party of Tony Blair), drugs barons, and poverty.

The churchgoing teenager who went to a private school. (dailymail.co.uk/z) - see below

According to the Glasgow report: some of kids were coping with the recent deaths of close relatives through drug abuse; four had parents with drug or alcohol addictions; some had been exposed to domestic violence; one child's mother had recently attempted suicide; one kid had moved out of the family home after being assaulted by her mother; another was suffering nightmares after being attacked by his brother.

Most of class had difficulties with reading and writing.


Aangirfan was once introduced to a group of young teenagers in a certain large, chaotic Glasgow school.

All the children were white and 'Christian'.

We remember:

Robert, some of whose family had been in court on a murder charge.

Robert could not sit still; he rocked back and forward in his seat.

Robert could barely write his name.

We felt that Robert should have been getting intensive care in some sort of mental institution.

John, who was, a few months later, to get an 8 year jail sentence for killing another boy.

John had a certain innocent charm, but he spent his leisure time with gangs who carried knives and got drunk.

We felt that John, from an early age, should have been getting intensive care in some sort of small friendly school.

And, he should have been given a mentor who would have got him involved with playing football in the evenings.

Thomas A, who had been a house burglar since the age of 8.

He was due to return to court within weeks.

We felt that Thomas needed to be in a small school, and he needed a mentor.

Glasgow by :DavidMcKenzie

Danny, who was soon to get a long sentence for stabbing to death another kid.

Danny had a certain charisma, but he looked as if he was high on drugs and drink.

We felt that Danny should have been in some sort of small friendly boarding school, far away from drugs gangs.

Peter, a small thin boy, who had recently been thrown down some school stairs by the bullies.

Peter needed to be in a small friendly school.

Charles, a round shaped boy, who was also subjected to constant bullying.

Charles should have been in a small friendly school.

Andrew, a small thin boy, who was soon to be locked up after raping a small girl.

Andrew should have been in a small friendly boarding school.

Thomas B, who was one of the few well behaved kids. He could barely read.

Thomas later joined the army and, the last time he was seen, he was thoroughly drunk and noisy on a train travelling south.

Thomas should have been in a small friendly school.

Glasgow Harbour by Thomas Nugent

Sorting out the problems of Glasgow would involve the following:

Booting out the Labour party.

Closing down the Glasgow Education Department which runs the schools.

Providing deprived kids with intensive care in small classes in small independently run schools.

Breaking up the large schools and the large housing estates and large tower blocks.

Providing all deprived kids, and their families, with mentors.

Kicking out all the corrupt police, and getting masses of honest police onto foot patrols at night.

Legalising drugs.

And, most important, changing the culture of the country.

Certain countries, such as Denmark, Switzerland and Singapore, have fewer problems than Britain.

Glasgow need to copy those countries.

Jennifer Thompson, a churchgoing, private school girl.

The sleazy culture of the UK needs to change.

Jennifer Thompson was a churchgoing teenager who attended a private school.

"Now, at the age of 21, she advertises herself as 'Juicy Jeni', the £1,200-a-time hooker whose charms Wayne Rooney apparently found so irresistible" (dailymail.N)

Jennifer Thompson was born in Aberdeen.

She attended a Catholic secondary, Thornleigh Salesian College and then the Lord's Independent School.

According to 'friends', by 15, Jennifer was a 'wild child', constantly out on the town getting drunk. (Jennifer Thompson.)

Jennifer's father worked abroad and was rarely at home.

Jennifer became "a party animal and was regularly in hospital getting her stomach pumped after drinking too much."

Reportedly, she was introduced to drugs at the age of 16.

"By her final year at school, Jennifer was a fully fledged prostitute."

She was best friends with Amy Leigh Barnes.

Amy became a model and Hollyoaks actress before she was murdered at the age of 19.

Jennifer's parents Hamish and Danuta, who are on holiday in Portugal, are said to have disowned her. (What turned Jennifer Thompson into Wayne Rooney's £1200-a-night ...)

Jennifer Thompson 'an upmarket version of Kate Middleton'.


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