Thursday, September 02, 2010


Harry Myers. (Website for this image)

Myers seems to be quite a common name.

General Richard Myers was Acting Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9 11.

Christopher Myers has been romantically linked to UK Foreign secretary William Hague. (Hague refuses to explain bedroom sharing)

Mike Myers created and starred in The Austin Powers series.

Baruch Myers is a Chabad Rabbi.

Lisa Myers is an investigative journalist for NBC News.

Israel Myers was the originator of the London Fog raincoat.

David Myers is professor of Jewish history at UCLA.

Kevin Myers is a pro-Israel journalist at the pro-Israel Irish Independent.


Verdict due in high-profile Portuguese abuse case

America's Holy Crusade against the Muslim World.


Some famous people who reportedly had Jewish mistresses:

The Emperor Nero
Joseph Stalin

Kim Philby
John Major
David Blunkett

"The Israeli who was former Chief of Homeland Security for New Jersey, Golan Cipel, can be properly called a 'Raven', and the Jewesses Chandra Levy and Monica Lewinsky ... can be called 'Swallows'."




Anonymous said...

My first thought was that myers was a jewish name. hague joined Con Friends of Isreal at fifteen of course, but perhaps in the intervening years he grew up and wasn't quite so keen on the terror state.

For whatever reasons they are clearly trying to destroy him, perhaps as part of the reimposition of the real marxists, headed this time by a miliband.

Anon said...

Some of the mainstream media does seem to want a Miliband to become prime minister as soon as possible.

su said...


small world really, my daughter is spending the night at a Meyer homestead.

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