Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There is a suspicion that the CIA creates the terrorism in Indonesia, and then creates the means to deal with that terrorism.

According to A C MANULLANG, Indonesia's former spy boss, the people around Indonesia's President Yudhoyono (SBY) are CIA.

"SBY is being fooled by the CIA." (CIA Agents Around SBY (Interview with AC Manullang) Free ABB)

The Indonesian counter-terrorism unit "Detachment 88" or "Densus 88" is trained, equipped and funded by America, Australia and other countries with millions of dollars a year.

Reportedly, Densus 88 have attacked peaceful activists in the Moluccas (aka Maluku Islands/Spice Islands).

Reportedly, Densus 88 torture and beat prisoners.

Densus 88 is trained by the CIA, FBI, Australian Special Forces and other intelligence agencies.


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