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Harry Hucknall.

In the UK, on 19 September 2001, 10 year-old Harry Hucknall was found hanged. (Tragic death of boy, 10 )

He was discovered by his next-door neighbour at his home in Dalton-in-Furness in Cumbria.

Harry was a pupil at George Romney Junior School.

He is related to singer Mick Hucknall.

Lianne Smith and her daughter.

On 20th May 2010 we read about Lianne Smith.

Lianne Smith ran a nursery for children aged 3 to 6 in Barcelona.

In the UK, she was head of the Cumbria County Council department set up to protect children.

She is supected of killing her two young children, five-year-old Rebecca and 11-month-old Daniel, in a Spanish hotel.

On 8 may 2010, in Barcelona, her partner, Martin Smith, was arrested.

The 'former TV psychic' is accused of rape, gross indecency, indecent assault and attempted rape, all against a child under 16.

The allegations date back to 1995.

It was back in December 2007 that Lianne Smith, her daughter Rebecca, and Martin Smith went missing from the UK.

Dylan, who was found hanged at a UK children's home

On 20 October 2009 we learnt that 11 year old Dylan McDonald had been found hanged at a children's home, the Appletree Centre, in Cumbria in the UK.

The school caters for up to 14 children aged six to 12.

Dylan's family were due to apply to regain custody of their son in November 2009.

Dylan's body was spotted by kids playing outside, hanging outside his bedroom window.

Teachers found him still alive, suspended from a large Victorian window.

Dylan was driven to a hospital in Lancaster where died.

His family said he had showed no warning signs of a desire to commit suicide.

Uncle Shaun McDonald told how Dylan had been excitedly looking forward to trips back home to see his dad Peter and mum Sharon at Hallowe'en and Christmas.

Mr McDonald, from Warrington, said: "When Peter went to see him on Sunday, he was laughing and joking.

"They took him out for meals and Dylan was really looking forward to coming back home later this month.

"We've been told he may have had an argument with a teacher, or another pupil on Monday, and he was a bit down on Tuesday.

"But, essentially, why he did this is a mystery."

Knowsley Council, whose care Dylan was in, stated that an enquiry was underway.

Dylan had spent the last three years at the care home.

His uncle said that he had a good relationship with his parents and would see them every fortnight on visits.
Cumbria in North West England (

In late May 2010, David Sanger, 63, appeared in court, accused of eight counts of gross indecency against boys. (Acclaimed organist David Sanger found dead)

On 29 May 2010, David Sanger's body was discovered by a police officer at a house in Embleton, near Cockermouth, in Cumbria.

Derick Bird, who shot dead 12 people.

On 2 June 2010, twelve people were killed when gunman Derrick Bird, a 52-year-old taxi driver, opened fire in several areas of Cumbria. ('Row' theory over Cumbria rampage )

Bird, described by friends as 'a loner', lived with his mother.

Bird was teased over his sex life and for being a 'mummy’s boy', later executing a friend who had taunted him for being a failure with women. (

Reportedly Bird worked for a military unit in Northern Ireland which carried out assassinations.

Why Damaged Covert Operator Derek Bird Finally Went On The Rampage in Cumbria


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Why Damaged Covert Operator Derek Bird Finally Went On The Rampage in Cumbria

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