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Big Cyril, who allegedly smacked boys' bottoms. (Website for this image)

Cyril Smith, who died on 3 September 2010, was a typical populist politician in the UK.

"All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms" said Liberal leader David Steel about Cyril Smith in 1979

In 1979, Rochdale Alternative Press (Rochdale Alternative Press ) reportedly obtained evidence that, during the 1960's, Cyril Smith "was using his position to get boys aged 15 - 18 to undress in front of him in order that he could get them to bend over his knee while he spanked their bare bottoms or let him hold their testicles in a bizarre 'medical inspection'."

The late Postman Patel reported (Cyril Smith 1979 ):

"Lancashire Police had investigated claims about Smith's activities 3 years before he became an MP for 6 months.

"The original complaint concerned a resident of Cambridge Boys Hostel, Castlemere Street, Rochdale (it closed in 1965) .

"Eventually 7 people made complaints.

"... he took me into the quiet Room. He told me to take my trousers down and bend over his knee..."

Another one ..." Cyril Smith found out I had taken some money . He asked me if I would accept his punishment or be dealt with by the authorities..."

Another " He told me to take my trousers and pants down. He held my testicles and told me to cough"

"At the end of the Lancashire Police review a File was drawn up by the Officer in charge of the Task Force team for submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

"But the DPP when asked by RAP said .." The DPP cannot trace such a case being referred to us, but cannot confirm or deny receiving it" - it appears that at the time existence of the review into Smith's conduct and the File were common knowledge amongst many local politicians and Police.But the file did exist and was handled by Special Branch when prospects of a Conservative / Liberal pact were being considered."

Sir Cyril was one of three illegitimate children of a housemaid. ( )

Cyril Smith was a Liberal (Liberal Democrat) member of parliament for Rochdale.

In 1990 there was a child abuse case in case in Rochdale.

Around twenty children were removed from their homes by social services who alleged the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. [40]

Anna Arrowsmith was the Liberal Democrat party candidate for Gravesham in Kent in the UK.

Anna Arrowsmith has made hundreds of hardcore porn films.

She is the managing director of Easy on the Eye Productions.

'Be My Toyboy' was 'shot in the front room'.

Other productions include "Eat Me - Keep Me", "Where's the Rent, Boys", "Their Pants Down!" and "The Scottish Gigolo". (THEIR PANTS DOWN)

By 2003, Mark Oaten had become the UK Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and he was tipped as a future party leader.

In 2004, the married Oaten began seeing a rent boy.

In 2006, Oaten attempted to become the leader of the the Liberal Democrat Party.

The News of the World told Oaten they knew about his rent boy, his three-in-a-bed romps and a ‘bizarre sex act too revolting to describe’.

(Coprophilia is "an abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement.") (aangirfan: Sex Scandals)


Jeremy Thorpe became leader of the UK Liberal party in 1967.

In 1961 Thorpe had met Norman Scott.

Scott claimed that Thorpe had sex with him, an act that was illegal at that time.

Allegedly, in 1975, an 'assassin' was hired to kill Scott.

The assassin killed Scott’s dog and was found guilty of firearms offences.

Thorpe was put on trial for conspiracy to murder but was found not guilty.

Video: Peter Cook's satiric interpretation of a judge during the Jeremy Thorpe trial (1979)

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The lib/dems used to be called "the queer party" its strange how gays like to be involved in politics, the gay mass killer Dennid Nilsen was an extreme and fervent socialist, as was Blair Peach, extremism in one form usually leads into other areas
such as the cambridge Apostles, said by john cairncross to be called "the poofters" The lib/dems have turneda blind eye to pedos pervs for some time, yet when Jenny Tongue spoke out about palestine she was dismissed from the party
Ex Cop

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