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Jason Smith, aged 14, who was killed by a child abuse gang in 1985. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

On 12th September 2010, The Mail on Sunday (UK) reports on the paedophile and the law chief.

Many child abuse rings seem to have links to top politicians, and the military.

And, many of the rings seem to be linked. (JERSEY, DUTROUX, PORTUGAL... )

Think of Islington in London, former home of Tony Blair.

(Jason Swift; Islington children's home; hundreds of missing children. / BABY PETER AND A TOP CHILD ABUSE NETWORK / MYSTERIOUS DEATHS OF CHILDREN)

Think of Suffolk in the UK, linked to former prime minister Edward Heath, composer Benjamin Britten and the gangster Kray Twins.

"The police uncovered a large-scale juvenile pimping operation centred on a house in a Suffolk village" : (SPOOKS, BOYS AND POLITICIANS)

Young Brad Lane with gangster Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Photo- Yorkshire Post) THE KRAY TWINS, BOYS, TOP PEOPLE, SEX IN PRISONS

The Mail on Sunday (The paedophile and the law chief.) tells us about:

1) Derek Slade, who, on 6 September 2010, got a 21 year jail sentence for abusing 12 boys, aged eight to 13, between 1978 and 1983.

The abuse took place at a 'military' boarding school in Suffolk.

2) Derek Sawyer, who reportedly helped Slade set up a false identity, after Slade had received an earlier conviction for child abuse in the 1980s.

Derek Sawyer is former leader of Islington ­Council.

He is now chair of the London Region Courts Board. He has been chairman of ­numerous bodies involved in London's probation service and justice system.

Derek Sawyer (Mail on Sunday -The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster ... )

Sawyer and Slade set up International British ­Educational Projects.

This allowed Slade, using a false passport, to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh.

Sawyer was leader of Islington Council in 1992.

At that time it was revealed that child abusing paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of Islington's children’s homes.

Islington council barred an inquiry from ­naming names. There were no arrests in the UK.

Sawyer says he was unaware Slade had given him false information.

St George's is the military boarding school in Suffolk where Derek Slade was headmaster.

Reportedly, Sawyer helped set up Anglemoss, the company behind St George's School.

The school took children from 'the lower ranks' in the Armed Forces.

One pupil from the school reported that:

"He was broken physically and mentally by the headmaster within 72 hours of arriving at the school.'

"He was eventually made to take part in ‘midnight feasts’, dinner parties for Slade's male friends, where the boys were sexually abused."

In 1983, someone blew the whistle.

But, a Government inquiry was a whitewash.

Slade remained a school governor.

Derek Slade - left. (Mail on Sunday The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster ...)

In October 2009, we learnt that the UK Government’s childcare watchdog (Ofsted) had appointed John Goldup as its social care director. (Top Ofsted job for official embroiled in council child sex scandal.)

Goldup 'will have effective control of the protection of kids in care homes and nurseries across the UK.'

During the Eighties and early Nineties, Goldup was the second top person in the children’s department at Islington Council in London.

A major child sex ring operated throughout Islington borough’s care homes in the 1980s and 1990s.

Margaret Hodge, who was leader of Islington Council in the 1980s. Tony Blair made her his Minister for Children. Later she became chair the UK parliament's powerful public accounts committee.

Stuart Syvret blew the whistle on child abuse in Jersey in the UK.

He has been put on trial.

Stuart Syvret to be charged over Jersey child abuse blog - Times.

BBC News - Former senator Stuart Syvret misses third court date


Twelfth Bough has some startling revelations about Haiti: bandits

Blogs - Take Your Pick


subrosa said...

I always keep your posts Aangirfan because of the depth of your research. Someone at the military school must have known about the abuse but kept quiet. In those days the teachers would have all been military or retired military - the exception usually being the headmaster. In the later 80s staff were no longer classed in military terms and civilians were employed (some ex military).

Many thanks for the link.

Elaine said...

Turns my stomach when I hear politicians and 'experts' telling how they want to take education to the third world, actually maybe these wise posts should be brought to the attention of their media because I don't for one minute believe that what is described here is not being repeated every day somewhere.

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Islington? This is a heartbreaking story, and I would say I wish Derek Slade would hang, except it is too good for him.

There's a lot more to come out on this story, of that I'm sure - like, who else from the Islerati was at Slade's midnight dinner parties? The victims should consider suing the MOD, who were effectively bankrolling this school, and who patently failed in their duty of care.

Anon said...

Zoompad said:

I have loads of letters asking politicians why 2 Americans, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, were able to have such a massive influence on the secret family courts.

Anon said...

Anon said...

Zoompad wrote:

Did you know that a sort of military supplier called EAGLE ASSOCIATES invited Richard Gardner over to this country; I think it was in 1988?

Zoompad said...

The chairman of Eagle Associates was DAVID ABRAHAMS

That name ought to ring a bell for all Blairwatchers, because he is the man who gave Tony Blair cash donations and then pretended not to know Blair, but the Daily Mail published pictures of them cosying up to each other at a meeting in Sedgefield!

Anonymous said...

Hi aangirfan,

The Daily Mail article that you reference has been airbrushed from existence. It is no longer of the Mail's website.

The article was entitled The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster to justice ...but he was helped to hide from his past. It was written by Eileen Fairweather and was originally published on 12 Sept 2010.

There must have been something very awkward in it.

On 14 June 2011, Alan Williams, a paedophile colleague of Derek Slade was found dead in suspicious circumstances.

Williams had worked at St George's School, Gt Finborough which Derek Slade helped to set up to provide cover for an elite child sex ring.

How did Williams die? Was it suicide or was he "suicided" ??

Suffolk: Teacher suspected of school sex assaults found dead
By Colin Adwent, crime correspondent
East Anglian Daily Times
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A TEACHER arrested in February on suspicion of sex assaults on pupils at the former St George’s School in Great Finborough in the 1980s has been found dead.

Alan Williams’ body was discovered at his home in Stowupland Street, Stowmarket, eight days after detectives investigating the allegations extended his police bail.

The 59-year-old – who was employed as a music teacher at Ashfold School in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, at the time of his arrest on February 5 – had worked at St George’s school at the time of the allegations.

Last September, St George’s former headteacher Derek Slade was jailed for a total of 21 years after being convicted of more than 50 offences including child sex abuse, beatings and child pornography.

A long-running inquiry into complaints of sexual abuse made by ex-pupils of the school continued after Slade’s imprisonment following his trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

Williams was arrested after it is understood former pupils at the private school, which taught children of military personnel, made allegations against him. However, the number of pupils who made allegations is not known.

Although Suffolk police have not released Williams’ name, they have confirmed officers were called to his home after a relative found a deceased male at the address.

An inquest will be held at a later date to determine the cause of death.

Lisa McGrann, a spokeswoman for Suffolk Constabulary, said: “Police were called to Stowupland Street in Stowmarket at 10.43am on Friday, June 10, by a woman concerned for the welfare of a family member who she had been unable to contact.

“Officers forced entry to a house and a 59-year-old man was found deceased.

“The death is not being treated as suspicious and the coroner has been informed.”

Williams was due to answer bail on Monday last week, however he was re-bailed the previous Thursday. He was then due to answer his police bail by returning to the new Bury St Edmunds police investigation centre on July 12.

His former headteacher Derek Slade, now in his early 60s, abused 12 boys at the school, which was based at Wicklewood, near Wymondham, Norfolk, and Great Finborough between 1978 and 1983. The victims were aged between eight and 13 at the time.

Slade, of Burton-on-Trent, had admitted 15 indecent assaults and five assaults on boys, along with 17 child porn offences involving 4,486 indecent images.

He also admitted possessing a false passport. At his trial, he was found guilty of three offences of buggery, four other indecent assaults and six further charges of actual bodily harm.

“Mr Williams was suspended on February 6, 2011 after being arrested by Suffolk police in connection with ongoing historic criminal investigations.


More at:

Anon said...

Dear Anonymous,

Many thanks for the additional information.

- Aangirfan

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