Wednesday, September 15, 2010


School kids coming back from lunch at a Primary School in China. Photo by Peter Morgan

Gideon Rachman is the top opinion writer at the influential Financial Times.

Rachman is Jewish.

Rachman is a Bilderberger, (BILDERBERG MAN), and knows what is going on.

On 14 September 2010, in the Financial Times, Rachman argued that the financial crisis of 9/15 may have changed things more than 9/11. (Why 9/15 changed more than 9/11)

According to Rachman, 9 11 reportedly allowed the USA to show that it could invade countries and dominate the world militarily.

But 9/15 showed the USA's economic weakness.

Rachman seems to be suggesting that we can now pay less attention to the relatively unimportant battle against certain Moslems.

Rachman states that the idea of a global Islamic caliphate "is a fantasy."

In other words, the Moslems are NOT trying to take over the world.

So, now the USA, according to Rachman, has to concentrate on China.

Israel has noticed China and is apparently becoming China's buddy. (Party time in Beijing)

Maybe the CIA will use Mossad to weaken China?

Or, maybe the NEW WORLD ORDER will be LED BY CHINA?

"The collapse of the United States of America would certainly create the chaos necessary to justify the formation of a new global reserve currency and ultimately a new world order, with its central power residing in Eurasia."

After a Japanese attack on China.

The guys in the Pentagon seem to want to weaken China.

How about a lot of Chinese workers going on strike? (Is outsourcing to China losing its luster?)

In recent decades, the deal was that China manufactured lots of goods cheaply for US companies and then China invested the profits in US treasury bonds.

Getting things made by cheap labour in China helped to keep down wages in the USA.

Now, the deal may change?

The USA will not want China to sell its US treasury bonds.

But China can be got at in various ways.

Militant Moslems can be used against China.

WEATHER WEAPONS can be used against China.

And countries such as INDIA must not be allowed to become ALLIED TO CHINA?




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