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How has Mugabe managed to stay in power in Zimbabwe?

On 30 August 2010, The Independent (UK) reported that Tony Blair secretly courted Mugabe in an effort to win trade deals for Britain.

Mugabe committed "crimes against humanity" when thousands of Matabeleland civilians were killed by the Zimbabwe army's Fifth Brigade in 1983-87.

A Foreign Office briefing to Blair said the advantages of meeting Mugabe outweighed human rights concerns.

In 1997, Blair met Mugabe in Edinburgh and was told that Britain should fund the Mugabe 'land reforms'.

But, certain other powerful people also wanted to be pals with Mugabe.

In 2000, Mugabe declared that Blair's government is "the gay government of the gay United Kingdom".

Mugabe and China's Hu Jintao

So, who keeps Mugabe in power?

China has investments in Zimbabwe's agricultural and mining sectors.

China and Zimbabwe do trade with each other, but, Chinese president Hu Jintao did not visit Zimbabwe on his February 2007 tour of southern Africa.

In February 2010, it was reported that a senior Chinese diplomat had revealed that China had slowed its investments in Zimbabwe "in a sign that it may be heeding Western demands that it quit backing regimes considered despotic." (China warns Zimbabwe: We are not 'friends!' - ... )

Israel's Ehud Barak with Chinese leader Hu Jintao. Israel and China seem to be keeping Mugabe in power.

Perhaps more important than China, is China's friend Israel.

Twelfth Bough notes (getting the show on the road) the kiss kiss hug hug relationship between China and Israel.

"Chinese TV made a documentary in twelve episodes, Israel, the land of milk and honey...

"It presents Jewish culture as a beacon of human thought on a par with the Chinese culture...

"This special project aims to develop the friendship between China and Israel, and to promote cooperation between people from the two nations."

Israel Loves Mugabe according to

According to

Israel supplies Mugabe with military equipment, including riot control tanks and water cannon.

Mugabe works with Mossad.

In 2002, Ari Ben Menashe, who has worked for Israeli military intelligence, secretly filmed opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai supposedly discussing a plot to assassinate Mugabe. This was intended to discredit the opposition to Mugabe.

Mugabe has been accused of bringing in computer experts from Mossad to manipulate voter rolls.


Could Mossad have a friend in Nicholas van Hoogstraten, a gentleman from the UK?

Nicholas van Hoogstraten, who was friends with Tiny Rowland, of the London and Rhodesian Mining Company.[4], is a pal of Robert Mugabe.

In 2009, it was reported that Hoogstraten had been "a generous contributor to Mr Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party and (had) bought into several large state-owned companies."[2]

Hoogstraten is believed to have homes in Barbados, St Lucia, Florida, Cannes and Zimbabwe.

Reportedly, Hoogstraten owns about 200 residential and business properties in Zimbabwe, has big investments on the Zimbabwe stock exchange, and owns an estimated 600,000 hectares in the country. (Tycoon Van Hoogstraten in Zimbabwe UK news The Observer)

Nicholas van Hoogstraten was once convicted for ordering a grenade attack on the home of a Jewish business pal.

In 1999, Mohammed Raja was shot dead by two men identified as Mr van Hoogstraten's henchmen.

One of the henchmen was David Croke.

Hoogstraten was sent to jail but was 'mysteriously' freed five months later.

David Croke, Hoogstraten's killer thug, was discovered hanged in his prison cell M


According to Wayne Madsen (Zimbabwe's misery prolonged by two unlikely partners), "Mugabe’s intelligence and security services are also being supported by Libya...

"Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi (Gaddafi) owns a number of houses in Harare, including a large house in the Belgravia district of Harare.

"The homes are suspected of being used as “safe houses” for the CIO (Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organization).

"In a bizarre twist, joint CIO and Mossad activities in Zimbabwe occasionally involve the use of Qaddafi’s safe houses."



A. Peasant said...

thanks Aan. very interesting about Gaddafi!

aferrismoon said...

This might add to the 'madness' -


aferrismoon said...

Both Mugabe and Qadafi are long-time 'anti-democratic' dictators whome the 'West' apparently considers 'bad'.


Anonymous said...

Muammar Gaddafi's mother is JEWISH...he was brought to power by MOSSAD....and Gaddafi still does MOSSAD's Bidding daily....

Anonymous said...

oh dear..not another effort by the neocolonials at attacking Robert Mugabe adn bringing Zimbabwe back under white rule...They wont be happy till they have him havinf tea with the devil..and why? Because he aids black zimbabweasns regain the land lost to them by white invaders.

And No Mugabe is no dictator...or are you people so unaware of the elections held in Zimbabwe? Examined by observers and found t be free and fair.


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