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Uganda is famous for sex tourism and AIDS

Not all journalists work for the CIA.

On 11 July 2010 there were bomb blasts in Kampala, in Uganda, which killed 76 people.

The bombings were linked to the Somali militia al-Shabaab, which reportedly has links to al Qaeda, which reportedly is run by the CIA.

Ugandan troops are involved in Somalia.

The bombings seemed designed make Ugandans want to continue to fight inside Somalia, on behalf of the Americans and Israelis.

The USA and Israel want to control the Horn of Africa.

Journalist Timothy Kalyegira posted a story at The Uganda Record on July 12 that challenged the official government explanation of the 11 July 2010 bombings.

"His story insinuated that the Uganda government could have had a hand in the bombings."

"In what appears to be the first implementation of the recently passed 2007 Communications bill, the police asked journalist Timothy Kalyegira to provide them his email password in their search for what they called seditious materials." (Journalist becomes first victim of new law)

The Uganada Record story makes the following points:

1. In 1983, a group of rebels (the NRA) was blamed for allegedly bringing down a helicopter carrying the Ugandan army chief of staff, Maj. General David Oyite-Ojok.

The rebels (the NRA) claimed responsibility for the assassination.

"Many years later, enough facts have emerged to indicate that it was not the NRA that shot down the helicopter; nor, for that matter, was it shot down."

2. Somalia's Al-Shabab militia have claimed that they carried out the four bomb blasts in Kampala on the night of the World Cup final, on 11 July 2010.

There was a "lack of detail and conviction in their claim of responsibility."

3. Near where the Kampala bombings took place there are huge diesel generators that supply electricity to most of Kampala.

This power station is lightly guarded.

If al-Shabaab wanted to cause real damage, they would have attacked the electricity power station.

Bush and Uganda's Museveni


Israelis have reportedly been involved in military coups in Uganda. (MOSSAD IN AFRICA, 'AIDED BY THE CIA AND AMERICAN TRADE UNIONS')

General Idi Amin once ruled Uganda.

When Amin had been a non-commissioned officer in the British Army he had helped to manage Britain's concentration camps in Kenya.

"Amin was picked by the British to replace the elected Ugandan government in a 1971 coup."

"Amin brutalized his people with British and US military aid and with Israeli and CIA training of his troops." (

Amin fell out with the Israelis and was toppled.

The UN blocks calls to attack Al-Shabab. Why?

The day the Ugandan media died

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