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Semyon Mogilevich, 64, is a Jewish Ukrainian-born billionaire with an Israeli passport.

He is believed by law enforcement agencies to be the 'boss of bosses' of most of the Jewish-Russian mafias in the world.

He has been linked to arms trafficking, drugs trafficking, prostitution and murder.


In the UK, "Pauline Neville-Jones... former chair of the joint intelligence committee and a key Cameron foreign policy adviser, currently has her office sponsored by Robert Shetler-Jones, a close associate of the foreign billionaire Dmitry Firtash.

"A company linked to Shetler-Jones is also making payments to Conservative central office.

"There were allegations that Firtash had links with Semyon Mogilevich." - Oligarch's adviser funds Tory

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones reportedly made lots of money after a large stake in the UK defence research group QinetiQ (formerly government owned) was sold to American venture capitalist Carlyle Group for just £42.4m in 2002. (David Cameron, Dame Pauline Neville-Jones and QinetiQ.)

The spooky Neville Jones became a BBC governor in 1998.

Reportedly, during the David Kelly affair, she helped to arrange the sacking of Greg Dyke, the Director general of the BBC. (Pauline Neville-Jones - Powerbase)

Neville-Jones is a member of The Intelligence Summit in Washington DC, a necon intelligence and security think-tank.

"Another member of The Intelligence Committee in Washington DC (adopted home of Kevin Halligen) was Michael Shrimpton QC, the charming yet eccentric barrister responsible for authoring the Madeleine 'German DVD' Intelligence Report for the pro-Israel Gerard Group International in Massachusetts." (From Cyprus With Love: Dominic Kennedy, Madeleine McCann, Islamic ...)


On 15 August 2010, we learn in the Mail on Sunday that MI5 'vetoed Security Minister over links to Ukrainian oligarchs'

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones was expected to become National Security Adviser to UK prime minister David Cameron with overall responsibility for UK intelligence policy.

But the post went to Sir Peter Ricketts.

Neville Jones became Minister of State at the Home Office in charge of security and counter-terrorism - a more junior position, related to domestic intelligence.

Why did Neville Jones not get the top job?

According to the Mail on Sunday, "A senior security source revealed that the Baroness’s appointment was blocked after MI5 produced a report about her links to two controversial Russian oligarchs."

The oligarchs, Ukrainian Dimitry Firtash and Russian Mikhail Chernoy, are allegedly linked to organised crime and a Russian mafia leader.

Neville Jones's office received £20,000 a year from British businessman Robert Shetler-Jones, who oversees Firtash's assets.

Firtash's gas trading company RUE once had a monopoly over supplies from Russia into Ukraine and onwards to the EU.

RUE has been the subject of an investigation by the US Department of Justice because of its alleged links to Semyon Mogilevich, alleged boss of most of the Jewish Russian mafias.

Mogilevich is said to control RUE.

Neville Jones has been linked to Mikhail Chernoy, an Israeli indust­rialist, who made billions from the Russian aluminium industry.

He is the main financial sponsor of the Intelligence Summit, the Washington-based neo-con think-tank, whose executive council has included Neville Jones.

Chernoy allegedly has connections to the Russian mafia.

In 2005, Neville Jones gave a keynote address to the Intelligence Summit and shared her platform with Sir John Chilcot, the man in charge of the UK inquiry into the Iraq War.


Kevin Halligen, the Private Investigator hired by the McCanns had several links to the Intelligence Summit in Washington.

The forum made up of past and present members of and advisors to the intelligences services including Mossad, the CIA, mi5 and Mi6 and was founded by Robert Katz and John Loftus. (Metodo 3, Kleine Brockhoff and the hunt for Nazi War Criminals )


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Incidentally, Michel Cherney - the man bankrolling The Intelligence Summit (the US-based security think tank that Shrimpton and Neville-Jones support) was represented by Bell Pottinger - as were the McCanns and the Ocean Club. They represented Cherney during his spat with rival Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripraska. Like Halligen, Cherney is also of interest to the FBI. Shrimpton also contributed to another Bell Pottinger 'production': the extradition of General Pinochet - as did McCann adviser, Michael Caplan. Caplan and Shrimpton were both members of Pinochet's defence team. Bell Pottinger handled Pinochet's PR:

more here:

ta for the link.
Blackwatch/Sargeants Inn

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