Thursday, August 12, 2010


Indigenous Indonesians have a background in farming. The main businessmen in Indonesia are the Chinese Indonesians.

On 9 August 2010, it was reported that Indonesia's stock market is up 22% this year.

And Turkey's stock market is up 13%.

Indonesia's currency, the rupiah, has risen about 41% since 2008. (Turkey, Indonesia, Russia)

Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world.

China's sovereign fund, China Investment Corp., is hoping to invest $25 billion in infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

Posco, the South Korean steel firm, has just signed a $6 billion deal to build a plant in Indonesia.

According to the Indonesian government's Gita Wirjawan: "We’re seeing an increasing relocation of factories by the Taiwanese, the Koreans and Japanese from Vietnam and China."

The Indonesian Footwear Association has said that major brands have shifted part of their production to Indonesia this year.

And what about Turkey?

According to Mark Mobius of Templeton Emerging Markets Group: "Turkey now benefits from a domestic consumption-driven economy, sound fiscal outlook (low government and private debt), solid banking system, secular disinflation trend and favourable demographics." (Mobius: Turkey's compelling story )

Most indonesian are poor and cannot afford to shop in shopping malls.

However, there is a risk in investing in Indonesia or in Turkey.

Indonesia and Turkey cannot be guaranteed to always do what they are told by the USA and Israel.

Hence there is a risk of the CIA and its friends carrying out false flag attacks on Indonesia and Turkey.

The CIA is said to have many agents and assets within the militaries of Indonesia and Turkey.

Indonesia provides cheap labour. Few of the indigenous Indonesians are capable of running big businesses. Many of the big businesses in Indonesia are managed by Chinese-Indonesians, Scots, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Americans and other foreigners.

Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh may make very good economic progress, according to the London-based chief global economist at Goldman. (Turkey, Indonesia, Russia)

But, the USA and Israel may continue to interfere in these countries, thus damaging progress.

The USA and Israel want Moslem countries to remain backward and easy to exploit.

The CIA and its friends have set up, trained and armed the mad Moslem extremists.

(aangirfan: The Ayatollahs and the CIA / aangirfan: THE USA IN INDONESIA / aangirfan: THE CIA AND MOSSAD IN BANGLADESH )

The US media has been taking a close interest in Indonesia.

On 5 August 2010, the New York Times reported that Indonesia is emerging as an Economic Model and notes:

1. Investors complain of confusing regulations and labour laws.

2. Little infrastructure has been built since 1997.

3. The universities and colleges in the country are not very good.

4. Indonesia is rich in resources such as palm oil, copper and timber, commodities that are needed by China.

5. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has reduced debt and has achieved some success fighting corruption.

6. Indonesia has a huge home market of 240 million people.

7. There has been a popular program of direct cash transfers to the poor.

8. About 15 % of the population still earn only $1 per day or less.

Acording to the Financial Times, Indonesia's sleeping tiger awakens:

1. Morgan Stanley warns that Indonesia's stock market is over-priced compared with India and China or south-east Asian peers.

2. Others say Indonesia is too poor and has too small a middle class to be ranked investment grade.

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