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Two nice Iranian girls from Rasht, Iran
Iranian girls. By Sleepyhead. Photo license: All Rights Reserved

Iran should be easy to defeat.

A large number of the key people in Iran most likely work for the CIA. (aangirfan: Ahmadinejad is a cia agent? / aangirfan: The Ayatollahs and the CIA)

When Iraq was invaded, the top ranks of the Republican Guard and the Iraqi army, aided by the CIA, "defected en masse." (Secret War: How the CIA Defeated Saddam Hussein)

The CIA put the Shah into power and then toppled him when he became too independent.

The Shah upset the Jewish lobby, the drugs barons and the Pentagon.

Ahmadinejad had better watch out.

Israel will most likely decide the fate of Iran.

Iran will be easily defeated, but, the Pentagon may not want a short war.

Think of Afghanistan.

"The whole war is a big show, has been since the fall of Tora Bora.

"This war and the one in Iraq were both won on the battlefield after a few months of fighting.

"The decision was made to carry-on with this American Kabuki theater, where remnants of the Iraqi Army, as well as the Taliban, became mercenaries for America, Britain and Israel, staging war simulations to mislead Western audiences." {more at Peter Chamberlin's site}

Why might the USA want to attack Iran?

1. America's military-industrial-narco complex makes money from wars.

Reportedly, 40% of Americans are employed directly or indirectly in the defence industry. (dailymail.co.ukz)

2. The USA sees China and Russia as rivals of America; and Iran is too friendly with Russia and China.

3. Israel wants to crush Iran, which is a barrier to the establishment of a Greater Israel.

4. Iran has lots of oil and oil pipeline routes.

"Iran said ... it has agreed with Turkey to build a EUR1 billion pipeline that may export natural gas to Europe, as Tehran clinches deals with neighbors despite mounting international sanctions."

The news come after Iran and Pakistan signed a contract in March to start the construction of another pipeline that could transport gas to India." Iran, Turkey Sign Gas Pipeline Deal

On 1 August 2010, at Global research, Michel Chossudovsky wrote: Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran

Some of the points made:

1. Preparations to attack Iran, Syria and lebanon are in "an advanced state of readiness".

"First Iraq, then Iran according to a declassified 1995 US Central Command document."

2. "The war economy is financed by Wall Street, which stands as the creditor of the US administration.

"The US weapons producers are the recipients of the US Department of Defense multibillion dollar procurement contracts for advanced weapons systems.

"In turn, 'the battle for oil' in the Middle East and Central Asia directly serves the interests of the Anglo-American oil giants."

3. "Were Iran to be the object of a 'pre-emptive' aerial attack by allied forces, the entire region, from the Eastern Mediterranean to China's Western frontier with Afghanistan and Pakistan, would flare up, leading us potentially into a World War III scenario."

4. "Iran, with an an estimated ten percent of global oil and gas reserves, ranks third after Saudi Arabia (25 %) and Iraq (11 %) in the size of its reserves.

"Of significance is the recent discovery in Iran of the second largest known reserves of natural gas at Soumar and Halgan estimated at 12.4 trillion cubic feet.

"Targeting Iran consists not only in reclaiming Anglo-American control over Iran's oil and gas economy, including pipeline routes, it also challenges the presence and influence of China and Russia in the region."

5. "The medium term strategic objective is to target Iran and neutralize Iran's allies, through gunboat diplomacy. The longer term military objective is to directly target China and Russia.

"Concurrently the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Caribbean, Central America and the Andean region of South America are areas of ongoing militarization."

6. "People should rise up against this military project.

"Members of the armed forces should disobey orders and refuse to participate in a criminal war."


In the 1381 Peasants Revolt in England, the people went on the march.

The king promised to meet the peasants' demands.

The peasants headed homewards.

Most of the leaders of the revolt were then executed and the king broke his promises.



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Anonymous said...

"In the 1381 Peasants Revolt in England, the people went on the march.

The king promised to meet the peasants' demands.

The peasants headed homewards.

Most of the leaders of the revolt were then executed and the king broke his promises."

And they've pretty much used the same tactic ever since

promise the cattle what they want, and then fuck 'em up the ass

works every time

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