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On 27 June 2010, Indonesia's Tempo magazine published an article about police corruption, based on leaked documents.

This article showing that six senior police officers had bank accounts containing millions of dollars, in one case more than US$10 million.

Senior policemen have monthly salaries of around US$1600.

On 6 July 2010, Tempo's editorial offices in central Jakarta were firebombed by two black-clad men on a motorcycle. (Tempo magazine (Indonesia))

What do we know about the police in Indonesia?

The Jakarta post once claimed that over half the crime in Jakarta was carried out by the police and the military.

According to The Jakarta Post, on 8 August 2009 ( C. Jakarta 'safer', but has its danger areas Each district has its own crime story):

In Jakarta, "Kampung Boncos in Tanah Abang ... is renowned as the place to find putaw (low-grade heroine).

"The quiet and upscale Menteng district also has its own 'red' zone, namely Menteng Trenggulun, where people can find shabu-shabu (crystal methamphetamine) dealers.

"Red areas are usually full of criminals, headed by a boss with 'connections' to high-ranked police officers.

"Criminals feel safer doing business in those areas as their boss can 'fix' any legal problems."

Amnesty International released an 84-page report on Indonesia detailing police brutality. (Corrupt police stigma still strong among Jakarta public.)

In 2007, a UN special rapporteur for torture visited Indonesia and found police used torture as a "routine practice in Jakarta and other metropolitan areas of Java".


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