Friday, August 27, 2010


On 22 June 2004, UK Member of Parliament Crispin Blunt wrote in The Guardian (Crispin Blunt: Shooting at MPs won't do any good.)

"On Friday I enjoyed, if that is the right word, being a first-hand witness to an example of policy failure in action.

"The Israeli Defence Force deployed on the border between Egypt and Gaza saw fit to open fire on a group of unarmed people inspecting the area, who had arrived in clearly marked UN vehicles.

"The fact that three of us were British politicians, from the three main parties, and included a Labour Friend of Israel made the event newsworthy.

Palestinian kids

"The same treatment had been meted out to representatives of Christian Aid 48 hours earlier and, of course, fatally to Tom Hurndall and James Miller last year.

"The 104 Palestinians who died in Gaza in May alone attracted rather less attention."

Osama bin Laden 'is a bought and paid for CIA agent' claims Fidel Castro.

Academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job' Mail Online

U.S. government given legal green light to plant secret GPS trackers on anyone it wants WITHOUT a warrant

The little boy who was neglected so badly by his mother that he became a dwarf

Gay Conservatives: "Blunt, 50, is the 11th Conservative MP to go public with his homosexuality since international development minister Alan Duncan 'came out' in 2002." - Crispin Blunt announces he is gay and has left his wife

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subrosa said...

Being part of the LGBT is certainly becoming fashionable isn't it. I've never known so many people desperate to publicise their sexual preferences.

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