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The pink and red areas show where there are American troops.

We read a lot of nonsense about the British ruling the world.

Georgetown professor Carroll Quigley, who had links to the American elite, claimed that there has been a British plot to expand the British Empire.

Quigley has described the influence of a group of mainly Jewish bankers, centred on the Rothschilds, some of whom had links to London.

(Baring Bros., N M Rothschild, J Henry Shroder, Morgan Grenfell, Hambros, Larzard Bros, Warburg, Lehman, Schiff, J P Morgan and Rockefeller.)

Quigley referred to the importance of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Quigley's alleged Brit conspiracy, involving Queen Elizabeth, suits the Pentagon and its friends in Israel.

To be fair to Quigley, it should be pointed out that he has been much misquoted.

Quigley made it clear that the international bankers are much divided, "often fought among themselves, had great influence but not control of political life and were sharply reduced in power about 1931-1940, when they became less influential than monopolized industry." ("The Professor Who Knew Too Much". )

Quigley said: "I generally think that any conspiracy theory of history is nonsense, for the simple reason that most conspiracies that we know about seem to me to be conspiracies of losers..."

On 8 August 2010, at foreignpolicyjournal,/ Dr K R Bolton says Don't Blame the Brits

Among the points made by Dr Bolton:

1. Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs and the USA's Council on Foreign Relations do not always have the same policies.

In 1919, at Versailles, the USA and UK had different views on the British Empire.

(After 1919, the British Empire declined and the US Empire became more powerful)

2. Bankers such as the Rothschilds were not part of a British plot.

They are 'international' in outlook.

The Rothschild branches in France and Germany worked with the French and German Empires.

3. In the case of the Warburgs, brother Max was the financial adviser to the Kaiser during the world war, while Paul came to the USA.


The USA is a rival to the UK.

In 1939, many of the American elite were fans of Hitler.

At the time of the 1956 Suez crisis, Eisenhower ordered the US treasury to prepare to sell sterling bonds, so as to weaken the pound and force the UK out of Egypt.

In 1962, the US decided to cancel the Skybolt air-launched ballistic missile, on which the UK had based its entire deterrent force. (Why UK diplomats dislike the 'special relationship' label ... )

Britain did not send troops to Vietnam.

At start of the Falklands war, many generals in the Pentagon had more sympathy with Argentina than with Britain.


According to Forbes, the Rothschild family is worth $1.5 billion in total (for the whole family).

Carlos Slim Helu & family are worth $53.5 billion.

Mukesh Ambani is worth $29 billion.


Anonymous said...

But why are most U.S. presidents cousins of the queen? There is also the question of the so called founding fathers being members of the hellfire club a masonic organization?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Who was behind the Balfour agreements that created the State of Israel. Rothschild. The Rothschild bankers are behind the institution of the federal reserve. There were plenty of brown shirts in Britain that supported Hitler. Quigley...misinformalist when need be. Read Ezra Pound...who they locked away....most sound economist of our times. You qoute MSM tribilast owned Forbes mag. on Rothschild wealth? Oh come on.

slozo said...

I'll tell you why - it's the bloodlines, not the countries.

These controlling elites have no country . . . their allegiance is to themselves, the other elites who ensure their survival and massive power, and their twisted religion.

They don't think in our paradigms whatsoever, so we should not persist in assigning paradigms to them that have been thrust upon us BY them to control us!

A. Peasant said...

i agree with slozo, it's a matter of a handful of families with no allegiance. they use nations and peoples like cardboard cutouts in a divide and conquer strategy. this BP event was useful to sow discord and vitriol between the people of the UK and US, for instance.

Anonymous said...

Smells like a typical Rothschild disinfo piece to me, attempting to play down their wealth and influence.

The sheer lunacy of what is happening in the world right now can only emanate from the Tavistock nuthouse.

AdamS said...

What about how much QE2 is worth? To be fair.

We are talking about a small number of people. Oxbridge, Harvard/Yale, MI6, CIA, Wall St, Square Mile, what's the difference.

Anonymous said...

There are no US troops or bases in Ireland. St. Patrick is still keeping an eye on us.

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