Friday, August 13, 2010


Who is Dolores Cannon?

"A retired Navy wife from Huntsville, AR, USA, Dolores was nearly fifty years old when she began experimenting with hypnosis and past-life regression...

"Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet, Nostradamus." (Click Here )

"She possesses an incredible depth of knowledge about a wide range of subjects from the year 2012, to extra-terrestrials/UFO's, to Atlantis, to ancient Egypt, and, perhaps most importantly of all – to the future of the human race."

"According to the information gleaned from her clients, Mrs. Cannon discovered that there is an advanced race of extra-terrestrials, or light beings, known simply as 'the Custodians', who were responsible for creating the planet Earth and all life found on it, billions upon billions of years ago...

"Mrs. Cannon has been able to establish a direct communication link with the Custodians through her clients... she has discovered that the Custodians have put together a brilliant plan to rescue Earth and its people from an apocalyptic demise...

"She has even been in direct communication with perhaps the most well known, and most notorious of all the so-called alien abductors - those known as the "Greys," - the small, reptilian creatures with large heads, big black eyes and small bodies commonly reported by abductees."

Can Dolores Canon tell us that Saddam was trained and put into power by the CIA?

Can she tell us that 9 11 was an inside-job?

Can she tell us about the CIA's promotion of the idea of UFOs?

Is she an asset of the CIA or US Naval Intelligence?

She comes from a US navy family.

In 1974 Dr Werner Von Braun warned about a fake alien invasion.

"The CIA have been using disinfo in mainstream media as a shield for black opps such as the Aurora the pulse detonation engined plane." (Vlogging The Apocalypse :: Video :: FAKE ALIEN UFO ATTACK FALSE ...)

aangirfan: Disinformation; William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse ...


Whoopy Doo said...

Hope links are OK? Further reading on this issue @ David McGowan

& Penny's blog

Anonymous said...

She is a phony

veritas6464 said...

Hey aangirfan,...As a Soldier I was keen to get some 'courses up' as part of my career progression; I volunteered for a heap of dumb things. One of these was a pre-selection course which involved a psych' test for potential intelligence trainees (I know I'm intelligent - the Military diploma is in my resume, grin). Anyway, the test was quite confronting, it involved a great deal of duress and hard-core interrogation techniques. Pain and suffering, let me count the ways. During this time I had a close encounter of the third kind - truly. For years I had a 'sense' of having been 'taken-up' and this feeling was overwhelming - I can picture the scene vividly: Towards the end of the course, one night, while lying in a half-sleep on my bunk, you know those moments just before you slip off:

Something caught my eye: I distinctly remember being terrified by the image of a little goblin hobbling out of my locker towards me (4 maybe 5 feet from My POV, to the right of my bunk); the last thing I remember is the little beast being within a couple of feet of me; then NOTHING. I woke up the following morning and never mentioned it, ever, for years, until I saw a picture of a Grey! Soldiers are virtual pin-cushions, I can't remember how many times I was inoculated for this or that, though I do remember a course of ‘needles’ during that Course though.

I am convinced I was involved in something more than I signed-up for.

I don’t believe in aliens, I believe all that we have to fear, are here and always have been amongst us; some refer to them as the ‘Tribe’.


love light & peace


Edo said...

There's only one woman from a military background whose testimony I take seriously, and that's Kay Griggs.

Does anyone know whatever happened to Kay after those marathon interviews she gave? I've never heard or seen her online since....

Minti said...

Actually, yes, Dolores could tell you 911 is an inside job. She has received information on the wrongdoings of the government, and she openly acknowledges that the government is inducing fear and to turn off your televisions and focus on love and light. She also has said she received information on the people that actually control the government (not the puppets), but she received trouble and can't say anything about that. Also, her research methods are ones that have been done by several people that aren't from military backgrounds, and they reveal the same thing. She isn't a "phony." I see no evidence provided to think so.

Anonymous said...

Has no one explored the fact that there may be truth in what she says, but it may also be distorted or twisted for own purpose, or that of the et's own purpose. What's scary is the extend of right information she/ they put forward, making the information seem very trustworthy and believable. However questions must be asked when the information starts to border on fear or when it makes you feel uneasy or anxious.
I can see many twists and half truths in the information delivered by her.

How many of you have watched/ seen all of her events, radio shows and interview and notice she talks on many different occasions and word perfect in each. Yet when asked questions at the end of the events relays answers again work perfect from her scripts. As though she is only taking out paragraph's from her speech to answer. Another thing very noticeable, when she is asked questions, she often has to have the questioner repeat themselves giving her time to mentally flick through which part of the script she needs. She also answers with an almost robotic and unemotional air about her.
Im not saying et's don't exist, I just don't believe they are here to help us or that we need to leave our bodies and go to some airy fairy dimension to live abundantly or happily. Our bodies are our gift, a great base, a great vehicle as long as we stay grounded and access our multi-dimensional way of thinking, which already exists with in us, we will become multi-versal from our own vehicles/ our bodies.
Oh and ego don't see that as a bad thing, its what makes us intellectual, its when the ego becomes too big that we can not open our heart chakras that's the problem.

Stay grounded and open your hearts. Most importantly use your own intuition to give you to the truth of your being! Its the most precious tool you have.

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