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Lots of unlikely people are blackmailed into working for Mossad.

On 2 August 2010, we learn that far-right Austrian leader Joerg Haider had £40 million in secret funds in Liechtenstein.

Joerg Haider died in a 'car accident' in 2008.

Trowbridge H. Ford, at, has explained 'Why Austria's Jörg Haider Was Assassinated'

According to Ford:

1. Mossad's Zev Barkan placed Bernard Weinstein inside Marc Dutroux's operation.

Dutroux's operation was used to blackmail top people.


2. In 1996, Barkan moved to Vienna.

Haider was blackmailed.

Haider hired Peter Sichrovsky, who has Jewish origins, as his private secretary and allowed him to set his agenda.

3. Haider went to Iraq at the time when the USA and UK were planning to oust Saddam Hussein.

Haider became friends with Gaddafi.

4. Sichrovsky was exposed as working for the Mossad.

In 2000, Sichrovsky had accompanied the Austrian Defence Minister on a trip to Syria, allegedly to achieve the release of three Israeli soldiers being held by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

5. In 2008, Haider died.


6. Barkan was interested in blackmailing people in Austria, including the Catholic Church's bishops.

7. Josef Fritzl, who is part Jewish, was apparently recruited by Mossad.

Fritzl is suspected of having raped and killed certain youths.

He ran a hostel for Israeli tourists.

8. Fritzl was seen as being a useful patsy.

9. In 1985, the USA and UK decided to assassinate Sweden's Olof Palme for stopping the shipment of Israeli arms to Iran through Sweden.

The Israelis apparently supplied Fritzl, aka Wilhelm Kramm, as the patsy.

But, Fritzl had an alibi. He was stopped by the police in another part of town when Palme was killed.

10. Barkan got false identities for Mossad agents in New Zealand so that they could, reportedly, assassinate its PM.


International investigators believe Zev Barkan may be connected to the Dubai assassination case. (Dubai officials seek five more for Hamas murder The Jewish Chronicle)

Reportedly the Mumbai Attacks of 2008, which have been linked to Mossad, were planned in Austria and Dubai: (Pak govt source)

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I always wondered what was going on with Jorge. There was another German who was going to run I remember whose parachute didn't open.

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