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Brazilian model Adriana Lima

Drugs means the CIA.

Drugs means gangs and murders.

Drugs crime is widespread throughout Latin America. (Crocodile Tears? Covering Crime in Venezuela

In Venezuela, "there is the bloody gang warfare caused by drug trafficking, partly as a result of the presence of Colombian paramilitaries and guerrillas."

In Venezuela there is "a corrupt and underpaid police force; and the streets (are) awash with illegal arms, with estimates ranging from 6m-15m in a country of 29m." (Caracas accuses media over crime coverage)

The UN’s latest figures show that the murder rate in Venezuela is 52 per 100,000.

Honduras 60.9

Jamaica 59.5

Colombia 38.8

Mexico 11.6.

The CIA reportedly makes great use of Colombian secret agents to destabilise Venezuela (What is CIA trying to hide in Colombia?)

Apparently the CIA is active in Brazil.

Brazil is the world's second-largest consumer of cocaine after the United States. (Cached )

Reportedly, Raytheon, the US defence contractor, has links to the CIA. (CorpWatch : Brazil: Amazon Contractor Raytheon has CIA Ties)

According to Bill Weinberg (LATIN DRUG WAR), a satellite-aided system (SIVAM), built by Raytheon, is used to monitor the narcotics traffic through Brazil's Amazon rain forest.

"The Brazilian Air Force Minister, Brig. Gen. Mauro Gandra, was forced to resign after police released a tape of a Raytheon representative and a Cardoso presidential aide discussing bribes to Senators to grease approval of the project."

US military in Brazil

Prof. James Petras, at Global Research, on 20 August 2010, wrote about Brazil and Venezuela: Two Turning Point Elections this Fall

Among the points he makes:

1. In Venezuela the Rightwing wants to cause destabilization.

The long term aim of the Right is to increase penetration by US military, intelligence and 'aid' agencies of Venezuelan institutions.

2. Chavez's party has produced six years of high growth, rising incomes and declining unemployment.

Under Chavez there has also been high inflation and crime.

REVOLUTION: A LOVE STORY (OFFICIAL TRAILER) Website for this image. A survey by the Venezuelan polling firm Consultores 21 shows just 36 percent of Venezuelans approve of Chavez's performance, the lowest figure since 2003. (Chavez's popularity down in Venezuela, polls finds )

According to official US aid agency documents, the USA has given over $50 million dollars to the opposition controlled NGO's and political 'fronts' which promote US interests.

The Right's previous standard bearer, ex President Carlos Andres Perez was convicted of multi-million dollar fraud and pillage of the public treasury.

Local opposition governors and majors have also been indicted for fraud and malfeasance of funds and are holed up in Miami.

Some of Chavez's lot are not untainted.

3. In the Brazil, the Presidential elections has the Workers Party candidate Dilma Rousseff, backed by Lula, against the the Brazilian Social Democratic Party's Jose Serra.

Serra will be more pro-USA, and will be less friendly with Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Serra will reduce spending on education, health and poverty programs.

In the case of Brazil's massive oil and gas fields, Serra will increase the role of private foreign oil companies.

The CIA has a history of using drugs gangs.

At the Asian Tribune (Drug money used as a geopolitics weapon by CIA-RAW-Mossad.), Asif Haroon Raja reported that one reason the USA invaded Afghanistan was so as to restore and control "the world's largest supply of opium ... and to use drugs as a geopolitics weapon against opponents, especially Russia...

"While the international drug mafia is fully controlled by Zionists, the CIA is complicit in the global drug trade... There are credible reports that US military planes have been made use of... Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds ... testified to the use of NATO planes transporting drugs as well as international terrorists."

"Colombia is currently the center of the South American drug trade, producing more than 80 percent of the world’s cocaine supply." - Website for this image

In 1989, the Kerry Committee report concluded that members of the U.S. State Department "who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking...and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers."

In 1996 a Miami jury indicted former Venezuelan anti-narcotics chief and longtime CIA asset, General Ramon Guillen Davila, who was smuggling cocaine into the United States from a Venezuelan warehouse owned by the CIA.

Guillen claimed that all of his drug smuggling operations were approved by the CIA
[10]. (CIA drug trafficking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"CIA involvement in Colombia began in the 1950s and grew along with the drug trade.

"In 1991 the CIA established a Colombian naval intelligence group that became a key part of the death squads' continuing terror campaign against ... anyone who speaks out for change or peace."
(War on Drugs CIA, Cocaine, and Death Squads)



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