Friday, August 20, 2010


Lockerbie in Scotland, reportedly a victim of the CIA.

Judging by the evidence, it is reasonable to believe that it was the CIA which brought down PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, in Scotland.

You might think that the USA should be paying compensation to Scotland.

But, the mainstream media, mainly controlled by the CIA and its friends, blames Scotland for releasing an innocent man, al Megrahi.

Operation Northwoods was the Pentagon plan whereby the Pentagon would bomb Americans and then blame it on the Cubans. (Northwoods & 9 11)

President Kennedy apparently vetoed the plan, and then got punished.

Operation Gladio was the fascist CIA-NATO operation which involved agents of the CIA and NATO carrying out bombings and shootings in Europe, and then blaming it on people who were anti-fascist. (Gladio and 9 11.)

The Palestinians have their land stolen.

The classic case is the use by the Zionists of terrorism in order to steal the land of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians get blamed for this.

Mossad and its friends then set up organisations such as al Qaeda, partly to discredit Moslems.

The CIA put Saddam into power and then blamed the Iraqis for having Saddam as their leader. (Saddam worked for the CIA)

The CIA put the Ayatollahs into power and then blamed the Iranians for having a fundamentalist government. (The Ayatollahs and the CIA)

The CIA poured money into the fundamentalist extremist groups in Afganistan, and then blamed the Afghans for having fundamentalist extremist leaders. ("CIA worked with Pakistan to create Taliban")

The CIA poured money into the fundamentalist extremist groups in Pakistan, and then blamed the Pakistanis for having fundamentalist extremist leaders. (CIA's Illegal Operations in Central Asia Using Islam & Madrassas ... /Mumbai Attacks Expose Mossad – CIA Plan to disrupt, Balkanize and ... )

Various methods are used to distract people.

Judging by the evidence, it is reasonable to assume that the CIA and its friends brought down the Twin Towers on 9 11. (QUESTIONS ON 9 11 / LOCKERBIE AND THE FINANCING OF 9 11 /DON'T BLAME 9 11 ON THE JEWS )

And yet many dumb Americans blame only Moslems for 9 11.

And if you don't believe that the USA is behind most of the terrorism, it is because of Operation Mockingbird, the CIA takeover of the media. (Mockingbird )


Anonymous said...

Rise up you Cromagmon ingrates!

By John Kaminski

The whole world is puzzled by the undisguised insanity that seems to pervert and pollute every news story in the world. Why would they
deliberately poison the ocean? Why would they bomb innocent countries? Why do they poison food, foul the air, and produce supposedly beneficial medicines that, when studied carefully, always seem to contain hidden, time-delayed poisons?

Jews are the remnants of the Neanderthals, he says, nearly rubbed out by the CroMagnons 7500 years ago, and nursing a deathless hatred of their enemies, who today are all the non Jews of the world.

Bradley, a Jewish writer, warns us:

“It is time for the non-Semitic peoples of the world to come together in a multi-racial alliance under one banner in order to severely limit Semitic activities before they put an end to us and everything else on the planet. . . . However, I will warn everyone that it may well be too late.”

In two astonishing books, Bradley writes of the CroMagnon slaughter ofNeanderthals c. 5600 BC. Remnants of the nearly extincted hunchbacks
retreated to deep in the impenetrable mountains of the Caucasus, where their vengeful retribution has been felt in every area of human endeavor ever since.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the Kaminski piece

slozo said...

Unfortunately, DublinMick, by far most Israelis are not semitic at all, and if looking at true semites as a percetage of the world's jewish population, it is pretty tiny.

sniff . . . sniff . . .

Smells like disinfo.

Anonymous said...

I understand your concern Slozo, I have addressed this at Nobody's. My meter goes off also when I hear "I am a jew and I am here to help you." That is really not what the article implies if you have read it.

I am thinking the gist is there is a strange gene pool from the Caucasus that has spread out and been trouble wherever it has landed. It landed in the mideast aeons ago and they were called Edomites.

Not only that but DNA tests don't lie. They do sometimes upset our personal world view of the way things are.

Anonymous said...

Looking at some of this youtube, how much is a round trip ticket to Beirut these days!

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