Friday, July 23, 2010



"350 men were dragged from their homes, in many cases from their beds...

"Basically he was guilty of reading.

"Yep, we got ourselves a reader. An obvious danger to the public don’t you think?

"He was arrested in a pre-dawn raid (timing is the key) by the Gestapo Terrorist police in December 2003.

"They beat him enough to cause bleeding from the ears and in his urine - not just a “few slaps”...

"The American’s demanded his extradition on the grounds of – wait for it - possession of a tourist brochure..." - We got ourselves a reader

Uncovered: Britain's secret rendition programme

Mumbai Railway Station

"Iran said Friday it has agreed with Turkey to build a EUR1 billion pipeline that may export natural gas to Europe, as Tehran clinches deals with neighbors despite mounting international sanctions.

"The news come after Iran and Pakistan signed a contract in March to start the construction of another pipeline that could transport gas to India." Iran, Turkey Sign Gas Pipeline Deal

'Google Spies' Allegedly Remove 'Obama Deception' from YouTube

Mumbai girls

"Far from being the effect of the ‘invisible hand of the market’, the crisis of the euro is the product of a strategy carefully designed by Christina Rohmer and the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

"It is a matter of saving the American economy by forcing the European capitals to take refuge behind the US, and ultimately placing the Euro Zone economies under US control via the IMF and the European Union." - The attack on the Euro and the dismantling of the European Union


"A key lesson of the 1930s is that, when imperialist financier elites are faced by a disintegration of their fictitious speculative bubbles, they often respond with strategic flights forward of the most lunatic sort." - Obama Is Preparing to Bomb Iran

"Israel rode on the back of the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack to launch it’s genocidal war on the civilian population of Gaza..." - India warned about Israeli False-Flag operation

The Scottish Government has been urged to hold a public inquiry into the Lockerbie bombing.

A group of campaigners who believe Megrahi may have been the victim of a miscarriage of justice have called on Scottish ministers to launch an investigation.

The Justice for Megrahi committee has already petitioned the UN General Assembly for an inquiry. - Lockerbie public inquiry urged


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chuckyman said...

Thanks for the mention Aangirfan.

I am glad that John Pilger’s article on the frame-up of Ali al-Megrahi is making the rounds again. They never let facts get in the way of their propaganda.

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