Sunday, August 01, 2010


John Affleck was repeatedly raped at Green Field House, a UK children's home, in the 1960s.

John Affleck has been jailed after throwing petrol over Oliver Gilbart-Smith, the man he claimed abused him.

It has been alleged that Oliver Gilbart-Smith was part of a paedophile ring which sexually assaulted boys living at the council-run Green Field House children's home in the UK.

"While Gilbart-Smith walked free, Affleck was sentenced to a year in prison for his attack." - dailymail.A

In 2006, nine people abused in the Green Field House children's home received an out-of-court payout totalling more than £300,000.

The boys were rented out to paedophiles as far afield as Leicester, London, Cambridge and Reading. (BBC NEWS UK England Berkshire Payout to men abused in care ...)

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