Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Images from Gillard’s Israel visit

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard would appear to be pro-Israel and pro-USA. (Middle East Reality Check: Julia Gillard: A Retrospective)

Gillard says that former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke is her "role model" for running Australia. (Julia Gillard, the new warlord of Oz)

The CIA's Victor Marchetti told journalist John Pilger that former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke was very helpful.

"When Hawke came along . . . he immediately sent signals that he knew how the game was played and who was buttering his bread. He became very co-operative, and even obsequious." (Julia Gillard, the new warlord of Oz)

The CIA's Victor Marchetti helped give America control over a very large spy base in Australia.

Gillard's partner is a former hair products salesman named Tim Mathieson who has a pal called Albert Dadon.

Dadon is head of the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange and arranges tours of Israel for politicians and journalists.

In 2009, Gillard went on such a tour "in the wake of Israel's massacre of 1,400 people in Gaza.",

She "drooled her uncritical support for their killers." (Julia Gillard, the new warlord of Oz)


In the Australian Financial Review (The Age), Mark Latham wrote:

"Over the years I have received tender messages from Gillard saying how much she misses me in Canberra...

"One of them concerned her study tour of the US, sponsored by the American government in 2006 - or to use her moniker - 'a CIA re-education course'...

"She promised 'to catch up when I'm back from the US and I'll show you my CIA-issued ankle holster'.

"I never got to see her ankles or her holster, but I will say this: you have to hand it to those guys in Washington... Within the space of 2 years they converted her from a highly cynical critic of all matters American into yet another foreign policy sycophant."


Anonymous said...

Gosh it is Bestia!


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su said...

hi friend,

its funny the one post that really stuck with me that you have posted was that piece on the three levels of reality.
i keep finding myself re-reading it.
and then everything else just kind loses its importance.
thank you for that link.

aferrismoon said...

Someone [ maybe Suraci] made the comment that Rudd was pushed out for daring to expel the Israeli diplomat over the passport thefts


Anonymous said...

It's quite clear whose support she had in becoming the new PM, the usual suspects.

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