Sunday, June 27, 2010



"The recent release from prison of several high-profile suspects who stand accused of membership in a terrorist organization and working to foment chaos in society in order to provoke a military coup has spurred unease in society, with many jurists strongly questioning the impartiality of the higher judiciary." - Release of terror, coup suspects undermines trust in judiciary

"Turkey now has to pay the political price for its solidarity with the Palestinian people, even perhaps a coup, the warning signs for which have already appeared across the Middle East." - Turkey is paying the price on our behalf

NYT planted story on Afghan mineral wealth to prolong U.S. occupation, spur Petraeus presidential bid (Video)

Leader of Death Squads Wins Colombian Election

The Mysterious Death of Dr David Kelly: Damning New Evidence Points to a Cover-up by Tony Blair's Government

Mission accomplished? Not for the Iraqi people

US military chief in Israel for top-level talks

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