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Chris Huhne

Millionaire Chris Huhne is a top UK cabinet minister.

Why has Chris Huhne suddenly had his private life revealed?

Huhne has spoken out against Nuclear Energy and against Trident nuclear missiles.

He supports the creation of a separate Palestinian state.

Vicky Pryce

In campaign leaflets, in the recent UK general election, Chris Huhne was pictured with his wife Vicky Pryce.

Greek-born Vicky Pryce has been chief economist for Exxon Europe and is now chief economist at the UK's Department of Trade and Industry.

At the last UK election, Chris Huhne told voters: 'Family matters to me so much - where would we be without them?'

At the same time he was reportedly having a secret affair with 'his bisexual mistress' Carina Trimingham.

She has split from 'her lesbian partner'. ( )G

Carina Trimingham - One acquaintance said: ‘She is very assertive in her manner and quite well-built, sturdy and tall.’ (Minister Chris Huhne splits from his wife after affair with ...)

In 2006, Chris Huhne reportedly refused to answer a journalist's question about whether he had been responsible for the break-up of his wife's first marriage. (Chris Huhne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Chris Huhne's actress mother Ann Murray, from Toronto, allegedly played Clark Kent's mum in one of the Superman movies. (Chris

Chris Huhne's father Peter Ivor Paul-Huhne was a businessman. ('I WANT TO KEEP MY FAMILY OUT OF SPOTLIGHT' -

Reportedly, the rather mysterious Chris Huhne has Jewish connections.

Chris Huhne was one of fourteen MPs forming an all-party parliamentary inquiry into anti-Semitism in the UK.

Their report criticised boycotts of Israeli academics as "an assault on academic freedom and intellectual exchange" and accused "some left-wing activists and Muslim extremists [...] of using criticism of Israel as 'a pretext' for spreading hatred against British Jews". ("Critics of Israel 'fuelling hatred of British Jews'").



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Anonymous said...

Chris Huhne was received a 9 month prison sentence after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice on 11th March 2013. He is to serve 8 months owing to 10% discount for guilty plea.

His wife Vicky Pryce was sentenced to 8 months for her part.

The obituary of Huhnes mother:

Now, here is the rub:

i) Ann Murray did not appear in 'Star Wars': Her filmography is here:

ii) There was never a Canadian fiancee in Joe Grundy's timeline in The Archers, let alone Ann Murray appearing as voice artist on that radio show.

iii) I cannot track down anywhere evidence that his mother was voice artist for a BBC audio release of: Anne of Green Gables

Am not the first to notice this, or some of the other inconsistencies:

This is some more good source, with further evidence of Huhne lying about his mothers appearances. In this case: Superman.

Just food for thought, but there is some iffy stuff in the original obit which makes one wonder if perhaps this is not untruths but something more.

Huhne says his mother played the role of: Marie Kelly, an Irish prostitute who spoke in French, when she was at the BBC Repository. Can find no evidence of that per se, but he may be referring to the character of Mary Jane Kelly, Jack the Rippers 5th and final victim.

The Grundy throw away may be relating to a character in the Marc Strange novels, Body Blows (2007), Sucker Punch (2009).

The rest of the references are not totally disconnected from eachother either.

Am strongly suspecting that he is communicating something in this obit, and elsewhere, rather than it being just fanciful lies.

Then there is the unduly lenient sentencing:

The MP calling for this review has an interesting background himself.

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