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UK cabinet minister Chris Huhne once accused UK Prime Minister David Cameron of jumping into bed with 'wackos and weirdos' from a Baltic political party that 'celebrates Hitler's SS'.

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On 11 June 2010, The Times has a story entitled: "Der Fuhrer - armed forces 'deserve our respect and support'"

The Fuhrer says his mission is to return the armed forces to the 'front and centre' of national life.

Der Fuhrer told his troops: "During previous wars there was real support in our country for the military.

"There is huge respect and support for what the military does.

"I want you to help me create a new atmosphere in our country, an atmosphere where we back and revere and support our military."

With the early morning address to troops taking place hours before the World Cup was due to start, Der Fuhrer read the troops a message from the nation's football manager.

"Your brave service to your country means so much to the players and I and we all have complete respect for the incredible sacrifices you and your families make.

"While we will be doing all we can to achieve success for the whole country, we want you to know that we believe you are the real heroes.”

The Fuhrer emphasised: "This is not a war of choice, it is a war of necessity.

"This is not a war of occupation, it is a war of obligation.

" It’s about national security.”

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Anonymous said...

Its about "National Security" and "Income Tax" with "VAT" plus "Water Rates" not forgetting "Poll Tax" and all the other payments you must make in return for less and less services!

In short its about privatization, in order to create privation.

In short privateering the good old fashioned way, hoist the jolly rodger.

Splice the mainbrase!!!

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