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Orphanage children in Kyrgyzstan pose for a photo during a humanitarian assistance visit by US Airmen from the Transit Center at Manas. Photo by photonichelle ishootforaliving/

Heroin is everywhere. (Heroin spreading to small Wisconsin communities)

This is why the causes of the troubles in Kyrgyzstan are worth studying.

According to the BBC News (blog), 14 June 2010, (What is happening in Kyrgyzstan?‎):

"Aangirfan another blogger thinks its all has to do with the drug trade in the area.

"He says Kyrgyzstan is an important hub for distribution of Afghan heroin to Eurasian markets."

Kyrgyzstan by zz77

At Geopolitics Examiner, on 19 June 2010, Michael Hughes writes (Thousands dead in Kyrgyzstan because of games global powers play):

"Now the dirty little secret that nobody wants to look into is the fact that much of Afghanistan’s heroin reaches Russia through Kyrgyzstan's Osh district which might explain why Russia and the U.S. are jockeying so intensely over it.

"What is shocking is that it’s Russia that now wants to stem the drug tide while U.S. intelligence wants to continue to reap benefits.

"Russia is the world's largest per capita heroin user, consuming $13 billion annually which kills 30,000 Russians every year.

"Recently Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov's said that Afghanistan's thriving drug trade was supported by the US and NATO and has become the 'greatest threat to international peace and security'.

"Not to mention, according to the UN drug profits prevented the crash of the international banking system at the height of the global economic crisis.

"$352 billion in criminal proceeds were effectively laundered by financial institutions.

"And the C.I.A. is no stranger to drug trafficking, and the Russians believe they are taking advantage of the situation in Afghanistan today.

"According to the Daily Mirror, last year former Russian military Commander, Mahmut Gareev, claimed the US was not going to stop the production of drugs in Afghanistan because it covered the costs of their military presence there." tells us who moves the drugs out of Afghanistan?

"The main distribution centers for Afghan narcotics are in the same locations as American military bases.

"In Kosovo, for example, it is Camp Bondsteel.

"And in Germany it is the bases located at Bitburg, Sembach, Ramstein, Hahn, Zweibrücken and Spangdahlem.

"Or the US Air Force Base at Morón de la Frontera and the naval station at Rota in Spain."

"Child prostitution is one of the major industries in the capitol city of Bishkek. The girls and boys are often gang raped and then beaten into submission by the local pimps. Eleven-year-old children are a popular commodity in the prostitution rings there. Many private homes are turned into brothels and the children are kept there as sex slaves." (An Eye-Opening 48 Hours in Kyrgyzstan Human Rights

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