Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In Iraq - United States Army

On 22 June 2010, at least nine people were killed by bombs in Iraq. (At least 9 Iraqis killed in bombings)

The invasion of Iraq has made life worse for the people of Iraq. (Daily hardship poses new challenge to Iraq leaders)

There are crippling power cuts.

There are severe water shortages.

Much infrastructure is crumbling.

After the elections, there is still no new government.

There is widespread corruption.

The insurgency continues.

There are over a million dead.

One Million Dead in Iraq: Our Own Holocaust Denial

Victim of American Depleted Uranium (

Iraq (


hotstuff said...

The Last Foto

That is how jews Usually work their way through Mankind And the Children Too!

Also At Our elementaries , Usually at campweeks and schooltrips

The heroin , GHB , lsd , Reproductioninhibitors , And the Muscletraumainducors Can Still Be Found For Many Years NOW , in the People And Children !

I even Beliefe the soldier on the right with the hands in the neck is a jew !

Infensus Mentis said...

The last photo is actually a fake, one of a series that were identified as fraudulent in part because the uniforms are the wrong colour, but there are plenty of authentic ones you could use.

Anonymous said...

Actually, of one's we never saw, there were videos of dogs raping teenage boys and girls. There were videos of soldiers and "contractors" sodomizing young boys and girls within earshot and eyesight of their parents. There were a number of suicides by women who knew they could not have a decent life after suffering rapes from American, S. African, Dutch, English, and Israel "contractors". So in reality, there were much worse videos. They were destroyed by the military and govt but tons of whistleblower eyewitnesses on all sides testified under oath and submitted avadavits. Go to the ACLU website for copies.

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