Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Netanyahu (Photo: www.asianews.it/news-en/Netanyahu.)

Some of the following may be true:

The UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has been in conversation by phone with Mr Netanyahu, the leader of Israel:

UK Foreign secretary William Hague and Seb Coe. (Seb Coe splits from his wife)

Hague: Mr Netanyahu, you have illegally detained dozens of Britons and may put them on trial.

We are a little concerned.

Netanyahu: How is Seb Coe these days?

Hague: Fine thank you.

Now, it is unfortunate that you have attacked ships which carried some important passengers.

I refer to Edward Peck, a former US ambassador. (Gaza ships: the passenger list)

Former US ambassador, Edward Peck

Netanyahu: Did we care about Rachel Corrie?

Hague: You have detained US Navy veteran Joe Meadors. (Gaza ships: the passenger list)

Netanyahu: He was also on board the USS Liberty.

He should remember that the Pentagon worked with us in trying to sink that particular ship.

Hague: You have detained Henning Mankell, the author of the Inspector Wallander books.

You have detained three German MPs and a Swedish MP. (Gaza ships: the passenger list)

Netanyahu: Are you still doing a spot of wrestling with Sebastian Coe?

Hague: No I am not.

You have detained two Australian journalists.

Netanyahu: Listen Hague, we haven't shot the Australians, like we shot your James Miller.

Hague: May I remind you that when the Argentinians detained people in the Falklands, we took action.

Netanyahu: May I remind you about David Laws?


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