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In June 2010, the Bilderberg group meets in Sitges, one of the world's top resorts for people who are gay.

"The sight of people in leather harnesses, rubber, or wearing just a thong and feather boa, doesn't cause a commotion on the streets of Sitges." (Gay Spain News & Reports 2009)

Seville may be different.

In 2009, in Seville, at a football match between Spain and England, the crowd chanted "Beckham maricón" which means "Beckham faggot." (Gay Spain News & Reports 2009)

The German Nazis were mainly gay. (The British security services, fascism and child abuse.)

The folks in Bilderberg are rumoured to be a bit Nazi. (Sex: Child abuse, fascist networks and Bilderberg.)

Our guess is that certain people at this year's Bilderberg may discuss attempts to break up:


2. Pakistan

3. India

4. and any other country or institution that gets in the way of the Pentagon and its pals (ECONOMIC WARFARE - BP SABOTAGED?).

Some people say that "the Bilderberg Group is the lower executive chamber of the New World Order while the Trilateral Commission holds the ultimate power." (Bilderberg Group Meeting 3-6 June 2010 Sitges, Spain Philip Brennan )

"The Bilderberg Group has one hundred members, including (within the British contingent) Ed Balls, Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and others from within all three main political parties, as well as various members of Royalty and chief industrialists." (Bilderberg Group Meeting 3-6 June 2010 Sitges, Spain Philip Brennan )

Attending Bilderberg will be Viscount Etienne Davignon.

Davignon is, or has been, director of Kissinger Associates and good friend of Henry Kissinger, vice-president of the European Commission, and honorary chairman of Bilderberg. (MADELEINE AND DUTROUX LINKS)

Reportedly, a witness in the Dutroux case has named Davignon as a child abuser.

Witness X2 noted: "Parties with underage girls in the Cromwel hotel in Knokke. Present: Delvoie - Karel - X2 - Lippens - Van Gheluwe - Etienne Davignon. The girls knew where to go and with whom. Lippens hits the little girls. Several meetings between Karel and Davignon in the Memling hotel with the two Lippens." (187) (PEHI - Beyond the Dutroux Affair)

One of Davignon's closest partners in the globalization process is Count Maurice Lippens, a frequent visitor to Bilderberg.

Maurice Lippens and his brother Leopold have been named by witnesses as child abusers, not only involved in regular rape, but also in the snuff network (185).

Sitges by Werner Lang / Wela49

On 3 June 2010, at Global Research, Olga Chetverikova tells us of the Bilderberg plans for World Government (Plunged in Chaos: Europe on the Eve of the Bilderberg Conference)

According to Chetverikova:

"The debt crisis in Greece ... provides a pretext for drastic measures...

"The strategy ... employs chaos to reorder the existing arrangements...

"We are witnessing the creation of mechanisms of centralized supranational control over national economies...

"Most likely, the shadow world government - the Bilderberg group - will administer to the public the doze of social problems carefully calculated to enable the elites 'to offload troubled assets', retain control over the situation, and divert protests from the actual sources of problems that trigger them."

Attending Bilderberg will be the USA's General Keith B. Alexander who is the current Director, National Security Agency (DIRNSA), Chief, Central Security Service (CCSS) and Commander, United States Cyber Command.

Bilderberg: Wish you were there?


Anonymous said...

Hard to say what's going on, but from

"According to the documents—which Estulin obtained from his sources inside the secretive group—issues to be discussed in this year's formal deliberations are:

1. Will the Euro Survive?
2. Development in Europe: Europe's Exit Strategy...On Hold?
3. Do We Have Institutions to Deal With the World Economy?
4. Greece: Lessons and Forward-looking Strategies
5. NATO and Afghanistan: The Practical Agenda for the Alliance
6. Iran and Russia: Economic and Financial Threats to the Alliance
7. The Consequences of War Against Terrorism
8. The Influence of Domestic Issues on American Foreign Policy
9.The Outlook for Japan's Economy
10. The Future of the U.S. Dollar: Alternative Scenarios"

Forget gold, looks like you'd be better off investing in leather jockstraps.

Anonymous said...

relating this to the other big story - recall Lord Browne of BP's
"liason" with ex rent-boy Jeff Chevalier ?


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