Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Chaos makes money.

The chaos of the Iraq war meant money could be made from arms sales, reconstruction projects and oil.

What about chaos in Europe?

Certain European countries have big debts.

Remember all those banks, many with pro-American directors, encouraging poor people to borrow large sums of money.

Rememeber Tony Blair's pro-American UK government reducing taxes for the rich and then borrowing large sums of money and then pouring it down the drain by having stupid wars, and by recruiting vast numbers of useless bureaucrats.

The USA wants to control Europe and loot Europe.

Hence the Euro crisis.


On 11 June 2010, at voltairenet.org/l Professor Jean-Michel Vernochet, of l’École supérieure de journalisme Paris, wrote about the €uro: the worst case scenario

According to Vernochet:

The Greek crisis is the result of a deliberate attack by the USA and UK.

The aim is to force the Europeans into an Atlantic bloc run by the USA.

The EU has placed itself under the thumb of the IMF.

The idea is to increase debt, increase centralised control and enslave Europe.

The USA's Paul Volcker wants to control Europe's economic policy and put the euro at parity with the dollar.


The bad guys in the USA are in favour of chaos.

The economist Friedrich von Hayek believed order is born out of chaos.

The neo-conservative disciples of Leo Strauss seek chaos, whether in the Middle East or in Europe.

The aim of the neo-conservatives is a unified, centralised Europe, "placed under the direct influence of the US with the aid of the Federal Reserve, of which the European Central Bank will be only a branch..."

Why is Greece under attack?

Greece "has been until now ... frustrating a full integration of the Balkans in the American geostrategic orbit."

Why is Europe under attack?

Central economic control, by the European Commission, will lead to control by the USA and the end of independent European states.

The merging of the euro with the dollar will bring about the union of Europe and the USA.


Alhamask said...

Pakistan has already been threatened and then accused of supporting the Taliban. It's not very hard to guess might happen next. Disarm Pakistan and take control of its nukes? It becomes really really frightening if taking control of Europe is a step towards disarming Russia??

Anonymous said...

Europe, including Britain is already controlled by CIA, rest assured, America controls the EU already....

Crush The Talmudic Serpent said...

9/10s of the world is controlled by the global Rothschild octopus centred in the City of (Baby)London.

Anonymous said...

I always did find it strange when Angela Merkel rang Obama before going ahead with the Greek bailout.

I mean I know Obama is only a puppet too but he is their chosen one, never the less.

Anonymous said...


Give this a shot!

Stef said...

the collected works of Hayek are currently in the No.2 spot in Amazon.com's book sales chart

so, presumably, a few folks in the US mainstream media have been bigging him up lately

Anonymous said...


euro woes up, global economic shift


eu: clashes between pro and anti derivatives

Anonymous said...

PNAC seems to be progressing as they spelt out

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