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In late May 2010, Rahm Emanuel visited Israel. (Rahm Emanuel in Israel; will meet with Netanyahu and Peres )

Did he pass on a message that Obama, or a certain faction within the Pentagon, approved of an attempt to halt the Gaza flotilla, which carried a lot of Turks and some Brazilians? (The US government tried to sink the USS Liberty)

The attack on the Gaza flotilla frustrates those within the US government who want peace in the Middle East. (Analysis: Israeli raid may hurt US Mideast plans )

Turkey is siding more and more with Russia, Syria and Iran. (US hegemony in Middle East is ending)

A few dead Turks might please the pro-Israel faction within US government?

In May 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Turkey.

Medvedev and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan "signed 17 agreements worth some $25 billion, including building four nuclear power plants.

"The two countries also discussed Russian participation in a Black Sea- Mediterranean pipeline that would make Ankara a player in the Central Asia energy game.

"The Turks also seem to be more favorably disposed toward Moscow’s South Stream natural gas pipeline to Europe.

"And lastly, the Russian president said he would push to raise bilateral trade from $40 billion a year to $100 billion within five years." (Iran, Brazil, Turkey & the Ghost of Lord Palmerston )

Brazilian Boy Performs Capoeira - by The AlleyTree

Brazil has become more friendly with Turkey and Iran.

"Turkey ... appears to be moving out of the orbit of western democracies and into a deepening alliance with an newly forming axis of power composed of countries such as Russia, Iran, and Brazil." (A turning point for Turkey)

Iara Lee, a Brazilian filmmaker, was on the Gaza flotilla attacked by the Israelis.

Speaking to Brazil's TV Globo, from prison in Israel, Lee said the attack "was a surprise, because it happened in the middle of the night... in international waters...

"They came on board and started shooting at people...

In an interview with the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, Lee said: "Some of them shot at the passengers' heads. Many people were murdered - it was unimaginable."

('Our ship turned into lake of blood' / Israelis opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, say released activists )

Right wing UK historian Max Hastings writes in the Daily Mail (Israel's tragedy.):

"When I last visited Gaza City, I stood in the barren apartment of a woman named Majah Ayas while she showed me a hole in the window blind, through which an Israeli bullet had killed her two-year-old son Amir... 'My cousin, too, was killed by the Israelis. He was 27, walking along the street when an Israeli sniper saw him...'

"When Israelis begin to discuss the Palestinians, they might be speaking of wild beasts. I remember meeting Esther Armon, the elderly widow of an Israeli ambassador...

She reminisced about fighting the British, who ran Palestine before 1948...

"When I last rented a car in Jerusalem, on Avis's map there was no trace of any border between the Israeli state and the occupied territories.

There was only Israel, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean."


"The vast majority of Israelis are recent immigrants who arrived from Brooklyn,France,Russia,Ukraine and Moldova.

"They show up in Palestine ... claiming divine ownership of the land...

"The resident Palestinian land owners are then either shot or incarcerated in open air reservation camps and their lands are confiscated and given to the recent immigrants from Brooklyn." (In cold blood: Why Israel's state thuggery must be stopped‎)

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Divine Ownership does not justify their cruel acts but i guess they don't realy care, political immunity does it all for them.

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