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On 16 June 2010, we learn that there is a new book about Australia's former convent school girl Gretel Pinniger.

(Sam Everingham's Madam Lash, a biography of Gretel Pinniger aka Madame Lash - the dominatrix who didn't kiss and tell.).

Gretel Pinniger's first crush was a nun. (Cached)

In her youth, Gretel Pinniger mixed with gangsters in Sydney's red-light district, Kings Cross. (Abe Saffron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Clyde, Frank and Kerry Packer. ( (List of Jewish Millionaires)

Clyde Packer, brother of media tycoon Kerry Packer, introduced Pinniger to S&M.

Pinniger designed her own leather and bondage-style stuff.

She sold it from a Sydney shop patronised by Rod Stewart, Cher and Elton John.

Lord Hamlyn

Paul Hamburger had German Jewish origins.

He became Lord Hamlyn, a top donor to Tony Blair's UK Labour Party. (Blair's Jewish paymasters)

And he became the lover of Gretel Pinniger. (Labour donor Lord Hamlyn unveiled as long-term client.)

Lord Hamlyn would 'explore the outer boundaries of sexual fantasy' with Pinniger.

One of Lord Hamlyn's oldest friends was the Jewish film-maker Michael Winner.

According to Winner, Hamlyn 'was a bit of a lad.'

Hamlyn would fly to Australia several times a year to visit Pinniger.

Hamlyn paid for Pinniger to join him wherever he was on business.

'They would sometimes indulge in fantasies involving someone else, sometimes an entire dinner party of guests.'


Lord Hamlyn was a friend of the Jewish tycoon, Robert Maxwell, who reportedly had links to Mossad. (aangirfan: Mossad, Maxwell, Kryuchkov and the 1991 Moscow Coup)

Lord Hamlyn owned Robert Maxwell's former Daily Mirror headquarters in London. (Paul Hamlyn - The Guardian)

Designer Sir Terence Conran, an old friend of Lord Hamlyn's, said: "The office property market has smiled upon Paul Hamlyn."

Lord Hamlyn had a French home in the Provence hills, where he entertained his old friend Lord Gavron, the Jewish former chairman of the Guardian Media Group, parent company of the Guardian.

Another friend of Lord Hamlyn was Rupert Murdoch.

And another friend was Lord Owen.



nobody said...

The Packers are Jewish? You could've knocked me down with a feather when you said that. I ain't saying you're wrong (and it would certainly explain a lot) but it's the first I've heard of it.

Sure enough, I raced off to wikipedia and found that Frank Packer married one Ethel Maude. I'd need to spend more time chasing that one down to know anything for sure.

As is, you reminded me of a story I heard at a lunch once told by a crusty old advertising heavy. He was in at Consolidated Press (part of PBL, the print half of Packer's then empire) talking to an ACP heavy when a then young Australian model (who would go on to become uber-famous (and I mean UBER famous)) turned up in a bit of a tizz wondering what she should do. Apparently Kerry Packer had offered her a staggering sum (I have a dyslexic memory for numbers but I think it was $100,000) to sleep with him. She wanted the heavy's advice, given that Packer could make or break her career.

The story comes with a punchline with the crusty bugger declaring, 'To hell with you, for a hundred grand, I'll fuck him!'

It's possible that this was standard bullshit joke but from the nature of the conversation I was inclined to believe him. For instance, in answer to the question 'well did she sleep with him or not?', he declared that he never found out. As is, Kerry Packer was a nasty piece of work so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Anon said...

I've altered the text to read "Clyde Packer, brother of media tycoon Kerry Packer, introduced Pinniger to S&M."

- Aangirfan

crew said...

no comment

Anonymous said...

The Packers are of Irish descent

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