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The UK's Special Air Service (SAS) kills people.

The SAS played a part in Operation Gladio. (Gladio, MI6 SAS, Guardian 5 Dec 1990)

Gladio reportedly involved killing civilians in acts of false flag terrorism. (The Bologna Bomb 1980, Gladio, terrorism in Europe)

The SAS trained the Khmer Rouge

The SAS was involved in disasters in Iraq.

Bravo Two Zero team.

Former SAS man Andy Mcnab wrote about his January 1991 Iraq adventure in the thriller called Bravo Two Zero.

Bravo Two Zero was a disaster.

According to an article in The Guardian:

"Eight SAS men were dropped 200 miles inside Iraq to set up an observation post...

"They were discovered, lost contact with their helicopter support and had to flee through hostile territory.

"Three died; four were captured; one escaped...

"They made basic mistakes.

"They took equipment to dig an observation post in sand, but it was a rocky desert. What they needed was a JCB.

"Second, they thought the desert was going to be hot..." (Andy McNab, liar?)

McNab's book is seen by many as being propaganda. (Bravo Two Zero (1993 book) - Wikipedia)

Andy McNab was in the SAS and now writes thrillers involving the SAS.

He spent time in Hollywood and, with the film Heat, he devised the methods to be used by master-thief Robert De Niro to carry out robberies on an armoured car and a bank. (Andy McNab - Wikipedia)

In one book, McNab writes:

"It was going to be another long night.

"The Taliban weren't giving up those poppy fields as easily as we had first thought ...

"Dave could smell danger and feel it in the air."
(Andy McNab.)

McNab has sold millions of books.

He has sold them to the sort of people who do not know about Operation Mockingbird, Operation Northwoods or Operation Gladio.

He has sold them to the sort of people who do not know about CIA drug smuggling (CIA drug trafficking - Wikipedia) or the over use of cliches.


In 1959, as a newborn baby, McNab was abandoned on the steps of a London hospital. (Andy McNab.)

At age 5 he was adopted by a working-class family.

He did not do well at school.

He was sent to a juvenile detention centre.

He had committed burglary.

He joined the army.

He spent 10 years with the SAS.

According to McNab:

"Out of eight guys in my troop at Hereford, two were killed, one went to prison for shooting his girlfriend, one got killed on an operation, and one killed himself." (Andy McNab.)

McNab has had 4 marriages.

His latest wife is Jenny, who is Jewish.

He owns a Georgian farmhouse in Norfolk, a flat in London, and a home in Italy. (Andy McNab.)



Anonymous said...

Bad news

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL): Andrea we’re looking into something new right now, that there’s reports of oil that’s seeping up from the seabed… which would indicate, if that’s true, that the well casing itself is actually pierced… underneath the seabed. So, you know, the problems could be just enormous with what we’re facing.

Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC: Now let me understand better what you’re saying. If that is true that it is coming up from that seabed, even the relief well won’t be the final solution to cap this thing. That means that we’ve got oil gushing up at disparate places along the ocean floor.

Sen. Nelson: That is possible, unless you get the plug down low enough, below where the pipe would be breached.

The ultimate worst-case scenario is that the well is never successfully plugged, said Fred Aminzadeh, a research professor at the University of Southern California’s Center for Integrated Smart Oil Fields who previously worked for Unocal Corp. That would leave the well to flow for probably more than a decade, he said in a telephone interview

Anonymous said...

The McNab books are bullshit, bought by ex-service types who can't leave the lifetyle. Same goes with rubbish like Tom Clancy churns out, all feeding into the militarist hero worship mindset of the public.

I would imagine that McNab received much better treatment from the Iraqis then any Arab at the hands of the Israelis ever has, but we won't be reading any of their recollections any tme soon, or seeing a Hollywood film about their suffering.

I remember the Gibraltar episode when IRA suspects were gunned down in a public street by these characters. Gilty or not, it shows they use the same tactics as all spook agencies: beyond oversight and lawless.

Chucky - R - Law said...

3 UNARMED IRA activists.

The British Army / SAS etc. are all uneducated knuckle-dragging morans, who are given the choice to go to juvenile detention or join the Army after raping one of their relatives.

The IRA taught them a lesson in Northern Ireland, although most of the SAS that the IRA nutted ended up in 'car accidents' in Germany.

The negative publicity would not have gone down with the regiments 'alleged invincibility'

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