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Boy from Kyrgyzstan (

Kyrgyzstan is an important hub for distribution of Afghan heroin to Eurasian markets, "a business that had multiplied in times under the NATO guardianship in Afghanistan."

"The town of Osh, the ‘southern capital of Kyrgyzstan’, has long ago become a major cross-point for the Great Heroin Way..."

(Kyrgyzstan Destined To Become Another Narco-State? Dissident Voice)

From Flickr: Osh from Suleymanka mountain 3

Creating chaos in Kyrgystan seems to suit the drugs trade.

It also suits the USA which does not want Kyrgyzstan to become a strong and stable partner of Russia.

There seems to be a war going on in Kyrgyzstan, involving the USA, Russia and others.

Western spies appear to be behind the unrest in the country.

On 12 June 2010, Russia was asked by the government of Kyrgyzstan to intervene to help restore peace in the south of the country. (Krygyzstan calls for Russian help to end ethnic riots)

Russia said it had no immediate plans to send troops, describing the riots as an internal conflict.

No doubt Russia does not want to increase the chaos.

There have been clashes in the city of Osh, where at least 65 people have been killed in three days of ethnic rioting.

Kyrgyzstan's leader said outside forces were needed to restore order.

The USA has its Manas airbase in Kyrgyzstan, and this is vital for supplying US forces fighting in nearby Afghanistan.

Russia also has a military airbase in Kyrgyzstan.

The present leader of Kyrgyzstan is Roza Otunbayeva.

It is difficult to tell whose side she is on.

Her predecessor, Bakiev, was most likely toppled by the CIA.

"It was only logical for the US establishment to use the services of narco-barons to overthrow Bakiev, who demanded from the US more and more pay-offs for his loyalty and even dared engage with Chinese and Russians on multimillion investments in Kyrgyz economy." (Kyrgyzstan Destined To Become Another Narco-State? Dissident Voice)


more unrest in Kyrgystan follows hot on the heels of NATO visitor


A. Peasant said...

thanks for the link Aan.

paddy said...

if you can still find it online, try looking for the Joe Vialls story about Kyrgystan. You will read that China has anticipated this exact scenario long ago and has a very large military presence very near the border.
Who knows if Joe Vialls is (was) even a real man but a lot of what he reported has come to pass since he wrote it.
This is the flashpoint and if Vialls is correct, we shall see an attempted escape fro Iraq that will fail.
The world is shuffled from one war to the next to support the myth of Israel's right to exist. More on this at The previous history shows that the jews are not "chosen people" and unfortunately for Christians, they have hitched their wagon to a myth.

Anonymous said...

The drug traders/dealers don't want chaos. This will ruin their operations. I believe that the russians have a finger involved in this.

Anonymous said...

no doubt, it was produced by our friends from cia. however, just look at how these oiligophrenic children shall get joy with coming time;-)

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