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Canadian Omar Khadr, who, since the age of 15, has been illegally imprisoned at Guantanamo (Omar Khadr - Wikipedia). Does the CIA control, Canada?

Canada's spy boss, Richard Fadden, says that some of Canada's politicians are agents of foreign powers. (Warning over Canada politicians)

Richard Fadden did not tell us whether or not he is an agent of a foreign power.

And what about Stephen Harper?

Deux garçons du quartier Rosemont à Montréal portent des vieux pneus de voiture et des chaussures à un centre de récupération du caoutchouc pour les forces armées.

Akram Zatmeh has described how 'Canadians' recruited him as a spy.

"Akram Zatmeh, 22, claims he supplied information to agents posing as Canadians that helped Israel pinpoint the whereabouts of a senior Hamas leader.

"The leader was later assassinated by Israeli forces in a July 23 missile attack that also killed 14 others, including nine children.

"The informant claimed he was recruited by three agents who said they were Canadians and took him to the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv before coercing him with promises of travel to Canada and threats to distribute fake photos showing him in sexual encounters...

"Martin Rudner, director of the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies at Carleton University's Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, said the tactics described by Mr. Zatmeh were common." (Israeli Mossad Spies Accused Of Posing As Canadians)

Igor Gouzenko.

In 1945, Igor Gouzenko defected from the KGB, walked into an Ottawa newsroom and announced that he had details of Soviet spy rings operating in Canada and in the UK.

Gouzenko's case was passed on to MI6's Kim Philby who was secretly on the side of Russia and Israel.

Russia and Israel shared intelligence.

Philby suggested Gouzenko should be interviewed by Roger Hollis of MI5, who was allegedly a Soviet agent.

According to The Times, 9 March 2010, Serge Serykh claimed to have been a member of the Russia secret service. (Suicide refugee, Serge Serykh, 'was member of Russia secret service' )

Serge Serykh also claimed that he had uncovered a plot by the Canadian Government to assassinate the Queen.

Serge Serykh, along with his wife and stepson, were living on the 15th floor of a tower block in Glasgow.

On 7 March 2010, all three were found dead, roped together, at the foot of the tower block.

Serge Serykh had been given refugee status in Canada in 2000.

Reportedly he had offered his skills as an alleged former member of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to the Canadian Government.

He claimed he had evidence of a foreign spy network across Canada.

In 2007 Canada rejected his application for citizenship.

He accused the Canadian authorities of having used mind-altering psychotronic techniques against him.

He left Canada in late 2007 and eventually ended up in the UK where he applied for asylum.

He moved to Glasgow in autumn 2009.

His case for asylum in the UK was based on his belief that because of an alleged deal between Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, and former President Putin of Russia, he would be killed by Canadian security agents if he was returned to Canada.

In 2009, the UK authorities rejected Serykh's application for asylum, on the ground that he still had refugee status in Canada.

Blair and Berezovsky ( Reportedly, Sergey Serykh knew who killed Alexander Litvinenko, whose name has been linked to the Russian-Israeli mafia.

The dead Alexander Litvinenko has been linked to the dead Sergey Serykh, whose body was found at the foot of a tower block in Glasgow, on 7 March 2010.

Ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko may have had links to the Russian-Israeli Mafia and to the smuggling of radioactive materials. (New wrinkle in Litvinenko's death )

Litvinenko and exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky may have been working for the British security services. (Litvinenko suspect: MI5 'tried to recruit me')

"The role of Boris Berezovsky in the Beslan massacre has never been made clear - but there is a growing belief that Litvinenko's silence was sought by people other than Putin..." (Matrioshka - The Russian enigma._)

Berezovsky reportedly poured millions into the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. (scotsman.2374152005)

Russian politician Mr Zhirinovsky has said "he was convinced that Blair was personally interested in keeping Berezovsky on British soil, claiming that the Blairs were receiving financial support from 'criminal elements'.

"Cherie Blair, Zhirinovsky continued, works in a law firm 'which is servicing our Russian thugs, Berezovsky included.' Those are dozens of 'extremists' including Berezovsky and Akhmed Zakayev, as well as 'nearly all of the Yukos top executives', he added." (

Image from Mail on Sunday (Daughter of asylum-seeker.)

Sergey Serykh was found dead at the foot of a tower block in Glasgow.

According to Vitali Alexandrovich, Sergey Serykh's landlord in London, Sergey "said that since he defected from the Ukrainian secret services they were trying to assassinate him.

"He said he knew who had killed Alexander Litvinenko (the Russian dissident poisoned in London in 2006)." (Daughter of asylum-seeker.)

Sergey's step-daughter Karina lives in Moscow.

Asked about Sergey's spy plot claims, she said: 'I don't want to talk about this.

"Some of it is true."

She did not deny any of Sergey's claims. (Daughter of asylum-seeker.)

Sergey had said that Russia's security services would also try to kill him and his family if they returned to his native Ukraine.

The Mail on Sunday (Daughter of asylum-seeker.) has discovered that when Sergey arrived in Britain in 2007 he was well off.

He was born in Zaporozhe in the Ukraine.

Apparently, he was in the Russian army from at least 1994 to 1996.

He and his family moved to Canada in 2000.

They were described as being vegetarian and Hindu. They ran a health business.

In 2005, the family was given 'protected person' status. This means it was believed that, if they returned 'to their country of nationality or former habitual residence they would be subject to the possibility of torture, risk of life, or risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment'.

The family was given permanent residency in Canada.

Then suddenly they fled from Canada to contionental Europe and eventually to London and then Glasgow. He claimed he had uncovered a government plot, involving Stephen Harper, to assassinate the Queen.

For 18 months Sergey and family rented a comfortable apartment in Wembley Park in London.

They "never struggled to meet the £1,250 monthly rent."

Vitali Alexandrovich, Serykh's landlord said: "He seemed to have plenty of money...

"He said the Russian secret service were also after him, which is why he had fled to Canada in the first place."

Sergey Serykh claimed that a deal existed between Stephen Harper, the Canadian prime minister, and former Russian president Vladimir Putin that meant he would be killed by Canadian security agents if he returned there.

According to Wayne Madsen ("james bond" plot to down putin behind litvinenko):

"The London offices of ISC Global, now known as RISC Management, were visited in November 2006 by Litvinenko and Russian businessmen Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun and traces of polonium-210 were discovered there.

"According to the Sunday Times of London, Russian police are also investigating whether the poisoning of Litvinenko and the attempted poisoning of Globuvich are connected to the radiation poisoning death two years ago of Roman Tsepov, a former bodyguard of Putin when he was deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg.

"Tsepov was involved in the Russian government's tracking of Yukos assets. Also of interest are connections to the June 2004 assassination of Forbes Russian edition editor-in-chief Paul Klebnikov, a U.S. citizen who wrote a damaging expose of Berezovsky.

"Three Chechen contract killers were charged in Klebnikov's murder. The same Russian-Israeli mob ring is also being looked at in the investigation of the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya of Novaya Gazeta as a way to embarrass Putin...

"In March 2004, British attorney Stephen Curtis, the chairman of ISC Global, died, along with his pilot, in a helicopter crash near Bournemouth Airport. The two were on their way to Dublin. The Times reported a James Bond-like secret project by ISC Global, jailed Yukos tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Nevzlin to launch an international smear campaign to discredit Putin and other members of the Russian government...

"Britain's government has been co-opted by the Russian-Israeli mobsters, much in the same way that their American colleagues, acting through neo-con proxies, ... captured control of the Bush administration."

Ewen Cameron, who worked in Canada for the CIA. Children were 'tortured' in Nazi style experiments.

Dr. D. Ewen Cameron was the former head of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations. (

The CIA’s Allen Dulles gave millions of dollars to organizations headed by Cameron.

Experimentations were conducted at several locations in Montreal, mostly at McGill University, St Mary’s Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute.

Cameron used technique of “psychic driving,” by which unsuspecting patients were kept in a drug induced coma for several weeks and given electroshocks, while electronic helmets were strapped to their heads and repetitive auditory messages were transmitted at variable speeds.

Many of those exploited were abused children from the Roman Catholic orphanage system.


According to the BBC:

"He was a Scottish doctor whose burning ambition was to be a scientific legend. Dr Ewen Cameron, a graduate of Glasgow University, became one of the most eminent psychiatrists in the world.

"His work in Canada in the 1950s was radical and groundbreaking but now some of his patients are finally receiving compensation...

"Cameron subjected his unsuspecting patients to massive electric shocks and a cocktail of powerful drugs in a 'brainwashing' programme funded by the CIA."


Monarch Program mind-control survivors claim to have been used as slaves by certain intelligence agencies and top-ranking politicians.

Project Monarch is part of the CIA's Project MK Ultra which is about mind control.

The original idea for this project came from research carried out by top SS German Nazi scientists (1927-1941) .The leader of this research was Himmler.

Project MK Ultra was exposed in 1970 due to law suits filed by Canadian survivors and/or their surviving families.

These survivors received the cooperation of Canadian Intelligence individuals and others who uncovered one of the CIA's original mind control research mental health facilities based in Montreal. The CIA and Canadian government settled the lawsuits out of court.

Josef Mengele, known as "the Angel of Death", was one of the approximately 900 military scientists and medical researchers secretly smuggled into the United States after World War II.


Dr Ewen Cameron's “depatterning” and “psychic driving” destroyed a patient’s personality by repeated shocks up to forty times the intensity considered safe.

In the 1950s, the CIA paid Cameron $69,000 to do this as part of their mind control operation code-named MK-ULTRA.

John Marks, author of The Search For The Manchurian Candidate, tells us: “The frequent screams of patients (usually women) that echoed through the hospital did not deter Cameron or most of his associates in their attempts to ‘depattern’ their subjects completely.


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