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A 'hung parliament' means the government party does not have a majority.

In 1910, Britain had a hung Parliament.

Herbert Asquith's Liberals formed a minority government with the support of the Irish Nationalists.

To get their support, Asquith gave concessions to the Irish nationalists.

This speeded up the granting of independence to Ireland, which was good.

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher had a majority and was thus able to destroy much of the manufacturing industry in places such as Scotland.

Vote Cameron and get Blair. Vote Brown and get Blair. Vote Clegg and get Blair. Peter Hitchens begs and pleads with UK voters not to fall for "the shimmering, greasy, cynical fraud which is the Cameron project." Hitchens reports that David Cameron agrees with Gordon Brown on almost every major issue. ( the most important article he's ever written.)

In The Mail, on 1 May 2010, Peter Oborne writes that he expects David Cameron's Conservatives to 'win' the UK general election, but he expects they will not have a majority. (My bet: The Tories will win, but not by enough.

Peter Osborne reports:

When Tony Blair, of the Labour party, was first elected, in 1979, Britain was booming, unemployment was low, and the national debt was under control.

Blair's Labour party "has utterly destroyed Britain's public finances."

The UK is now borrowing £500 million a day.

"Evidence is emerging that when Gordon Brown was Chancellor, he was an expert at hiding the true scale of our national debt."

There are 'off-book' items such as public sector pension liabilities and the debts created by the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes (private companies build schools or hospitals and are then paid back for years to come by the taxpayer).

When these off-book items are added, British indebtedness is almost £3 trillion and could make the UK like Greece.

After the UK election, David Cameron may become prime minister, but he will probably lack an overall majority.

Cameron is determined to try to reject the offer of Liberal Democrat parliamentary support.

According to Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party:

"Labour has many loyal supporters in Scotland and these will be difficult times for those voters.

"Many will stay home, but we must persuade the others that now, to stop the Tories, and to win the best deal for their families and our nation, they must play the Scottish card.

"They can't save Labour in this election, but they can save Scotland from the worst impact of a Tory or Tory led government.

"Scotland needs champions and defenders.

"We need more than the same old Labour politicians...

"Scotland can unite to elect local and national champions with the SNP."

Spot the small party.

David Cameron's Conservative Party is ahead in the polls.

In the Mail on Sunday, on 2 May 2010, Peter Hitchens, who opposed Blair and the Iraq war, has written the most important article he's ever written.

Hitchens begs and pleads with UK voters not to fall for "the shimmering, greasy, cynical fraud which is the Cameron project."

Hitchens reports that David Cameron agrees with Gordon Brown on almost every major issue.

According to Hitchens:

What the UK needs is to get "its independence back, so it can make its own laws and control its own coasts and territorial seas, its armed forces, its foreign policy – like a proper nation.

"It needs to regain control of its borders and end the mass immigration which is neither necessary nor good.

"It needs to stop the destruction of the married family and the undermining of adult authority.

"It needs to use the law to restrain the grotesque abuse of alcohol and the dangerous spread of drugs.

"It needs to restore the idea that crime and disorder should be prevented by a police force patrolling on foot – and where that fails, the criminals should be punished in austere and ­disciplined prisons.

"It needs schools which teach proper subjects in orderly and peaceful classrooms.

"It needs to shrink and reform a grotesque, unjust welfare state which rewards sloth and neglects the truly poor."

Hitchens sees Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats as being too similar to David Cameron's Conservative Party.

Hitchens urges voters to vote for the small parties and not let David Cameron rescue the Blair project and wrap it in a blue dress.

Voters love Clegg but hate his policies


su said...

oh for a return to the day where there were leaders -
now you get elected -
which means you just get your arse wiped by more people.

no one should be voted for that wants to run.
a community should nominate people they most respect and admire.
that person will then have to take up the position.

not based on false promises
and lies and convenient pregnancies
to numb the populace's potential discernment.

i tend to find myself looking more and more forward to the next huge solar prominence to face earth square on.

aferrismoon said...

I think that smaller parties should run the country, accepting the many sorts of political opinions in different areas.
At present we have Blob politics , one size fits all , to go back to pyramids a whole load of bricks trying to get to the top by weighing everyone down.

The alternative structural model = the geodesic dome that has many struts to bear a greater load which is shared by all the 'struts' [ individuals and small groups within a system]

We are always distracted from remodelling our systems by daily crises [ fake or otherwise'

The constant stress narrows our visions.

One day each party will = 1 person and we will revel in working together integratively


CrazyDaisy said...

And the reason for a picture of Florence is?

Anon said...

Dear Crazy Daisy,

There is a small party in the photo of Florence.

Anonymous said...

Face transplant

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