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Radoslaw Sikorski, who could become Poland's president. (NEO-CON CIA AGENT TO TAKE OVER POLAND?). Sikorski was in Afghanistan in the 1980s. (Radoslaw Sikorski - Neocon Europe )

Poland was made to disappear, thanks to Prussia, Austria and Russia, in the period between 1772 and 1795.

Poland may again be in trouble.

On 30 April 2010, pennyforyourthoughts/ reported on Poland, IMF loans and Radoslaw Sikorski doing the US

According to Penny:

Radoslaw Sikorski, Polands Foreign Minister, is making the rounds in the US.

Sikorski has been talking about energy deals with the USA.

Russia and Poland had recently struck some kind of energy pipeline deal?

Does Poland want a new IMF credit line?

The death of Slawomir Skrzyepk, the former central bank governor, in the April 10 air crash, affects the argument.


On 28 April 2010, Penny wrote that the Polish Opposition has demanded an international investigation into the Plane Crash.

Penny notes:

1.The postponement of the black box content release.

2. The Polish secret service raiding the homes of the plane crash victims.

3. NO journalist on the plane with these vip's.

According to this article: "Polish opposition party demands international investigation into plane crash":

Poland's chief prosecutor Andrzej Seremet said ... that Polish prosecutors would postpone revealing the contents of the black boxes.

It was revealed that agents belonging to the Polish secret service raided the flats and houses of victims three hours after the crash, removing computers and documents.

A Polish general called for Defense Minister Bogdan Klich to resign after evidence emerged that Bogdan was not seeking to conduct a proper investigation.

The official account of the time point at which the crash occurred has been called into question.

*The Presidential plane was scheduled to arrive at 8:25 at Smolensk military airport after a flight lasting 62 minutes from Warsaw's Fredrik Chopin Airport.

*The official version has the Presidential plane crashed in Smolensk military airport at 8.56 am CET or 10.56 Moscow Times

*But a journalist from "Polsat News" reported the crash to his station 10 minute earlier.

*Evidence that the crash occurred earlier also comes from a report that the transmission of power from an electricity pylon close to the crash scene, and which was seen to be damaged in photos, was interrupted at 8:41.

The partitions of Poland

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