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Nat Rothschild (

Peter Mandelson was a UK cabinet minister, belonging to what was Tony Blair's Labour party.

Mandelson, and the UK Labour Party, have sometimes seemed to serve the interests of certain Jewish businessmen, rather than the interests of British workers.

On 23 May 2010, The Mail reports on Mandelson, his Russian oligarch friend Deripaska, Nat Rothschild and a £500m deal over dinner that cost British jobs..

In 2005, Peter Mandelson, the former EU Trade Commissioner, was a 'valuable extra' dinner guest when billionaire Oleg Deripaska met American aluminium bosses in Moscow.

The meeting was also attended byDeripaska's pal, financier Nat Rothschild.

The result was a deal to sell two of Deripaska's Russian factories to a U.S. firm, Alcoa.

Mandelson "was in a position to allay 'concerns' over tariffs on imports from Eastern Europe at the meeting."

Over the following three years, tariffs were slashed.

This led to the dumping of cheap aluminium on the European market, forcing at least four British factories to close.

These were: Alcoa's South Wales aluminium rolling plant, a plant at Rogerstone in Wales, and plants at Falkirk and Glasgow.

In the past, Mandelson has denied ever talking to Deripaska about aluminium or even meeting Deripaska before 2006.

But, the Mail says Mandelson's presence at the private dinner in 2005 has been confirmed by eyewitness sources.

Nat Rothschild is helping Lord Mandelson lick his wounds

"Lord Mandelson has been staying at the Alpine chalet of his friend Nat Rothschild after Labour's election defeat."

The richest Rothschild of them all Mail Online

"Nat Rothschild's wealth has been accrued in his role as the adviser to Oleg Deripaska, one of the richest oligarchs in Russia... His best friend is Roman Abramovich..."

"An escort girl recently claimed that in 1994, Rothschild asked her to supply drugs and strippers to a party at the Rothschild stately home..."

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