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Aquino is part of the rich elite.

Senator Benigno Aquino III has apparently won the May 2010 election in the Philippines.

Aquino has promised to investigate allegations of electoral fraud, corruption and rights abuses by the outgoing Arroyo administration.

Imelda Marcos, widow of Ferdinand Marcos, has won the election in the northern province of Ilocos Norte, the home province of her late husband. (Gloria Arroyo and Imelda Marcos win in Philippine polls‎)

Gloria Arroyo has won a local election in her part of the Philippines.

Andal Ampatuan Senior, the boss of the clan suspected to have massacred 57 people in the southern Philippines in November 2009, is leading in the race for the post of vice -governor in Maguindanao province.

Will things change in the Philippines?

According to James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya (Arrests, Torture and the Presidential Election):

"In the Philippines, any challenge to the closed, family-based ruling class is met with relentless terror.

"In the Philippines, stagnation in the agricultural sector and a backward manufacturing sector, combined with electoral politics dominated by a coalition of landlords, warlords and oligarchic family clans, have led to mass poverty, deepening class inequalities and social polarization...

"Elections in the Philippines are violent contests between rival ‘oligarchic’ families ... where guns and assassinations, as well as ballots, decide which ‘faction’ will rule.

"Political elites actually enlist the help of the local police, military, paramilitary and death squads to kill leading rival contenders, in order to ensure a ‘win’ for their candidates.

Philippines by lionel bodilis

According to a former head of the CIA in Manila, Osama bin Laden came to the Philippines in 2002, at the invitation of the Philippine government. (Bin Laden, CIA.)

Bin Laden was flown to the southern island of Mindanao by the Philippine President Fidel Ramos.

Bin Laden was apparently invited to the Philippines in order to help strengthen Abu Sayyaf and other rebel groups based in Mindanao who were fighting the Philippine government.

Apparently, the USA, and its friends, are responsible for organising terrorism worldwide.

On 27 February 2010, we read that suspected CIA-linked militants stormed a village in Basilan province in the Southern Philippines, killing at least 11 people, including a one-year-old baby.

"Police suspect the attack was launched by a joint group of Abu Sayyaf and rogue Moro Islamic Liberation Front members." (Philippine Rebels Wage Retaliatory Attack)

In the Philippines, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Abu Sayyaf are 'terrorist' groups.

They appear to have links to the CIA and its friends. (THE PEOPLE WHO ARM THE TERRORISTS?)

"The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), like Al Qaeda (the CIA), owed its existence to the intelligence establishment.

"The ASG was co-founded by Edwin Angeles, an undercover agent for the Defense Intelligence Group at the Departmentof National Defense, Republic of the Philippines." (The Philippine Version of 9/11 - CIA Agent Crippled by His Own Bomb)

Philippines by lionel bodilis

Michael Meiring, a suspected CIA operative, spent time in the Philippines.

In 2002, Michael Meiring injured himself in an explosion in his own hotel room.

A Philippine government investigation determined the centre of the blast came from an assembled bomb kept in a metal box owned by Meiring.

BusinessWorld, a leading Philippine newspaper, published articles accusing Meiring of being a CIA agent involved in covert operations ‘to justify the (recent) stationing of American troops and bases in Mindanao.’

The 'terrorists' give the Americans an excuse to station soldiers in the Philippines. (aangirfan: RAPE OF THE PHILIPPINES )

Larry Chin, at Online Journal, 8 August 2002, has written 'The United States in the Philippines: post-9 11 imperatives.'

According to Chin, the USA uses the Philippines 1. as a military and intelligence base 2. as a source of energy, raw materials, land and cheap labour.

Twelfth Bough relates the situation unfolding in the Philippines with Abu Sayyaf.

1. US embassy officials met with MILF rebels, in their very camps, back in November 2009.

from Asia Times:
Senior US Embassy officials in Manila have held clandestine meetings with MILF leaders in their Maguindanao camp...

2. as covered here earlier, a whistleblower testified to the US military having permanent structures, unmonitored by the Filipino government, in the Southern Philippines, in violation of the Philippine Constitution, and that the US military behaves with arrogance toward the Filipinos.

In her affidavit, Gadian also accused the US military of building permanent structures in different military camps in the country.

3. Founded in the early 1990s with seed money from Osama bin Laden (of the CIA), the Abu Sayyaf is blamed for a series of bombings and kidnappings.

4. MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) - A United Nations agency has identified the Philippines as one of the seven countries in Asia with the worst child trafficking condition. more here


Yesterday we asked: "Has a powerful faction within the Kosher Nostra decided to have the UK run by an alliance of Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats and a Labour party under David Miliband?" (AFTER MILIBAND'S VISIT TO WASHINGTON)

What has actually happened is that Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats have done a deal with the Conservatives under David Cameron.

All three leading parties support the war in Afghanistan and nuclear weapons.

The Liberal Democrats have agreed (sort of) to keep Trident and they have agreed to abandon the idea of a special tax on mansions. (Deal produces five-year parliaments‎)

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