Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Dearlove and Diana: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-516712/Ex-MI...

Sir Richard Dearlove was head of MI6 at the time of 9 11.

Sir Richard Dearlove allegedly ordered the assassination of Princess Diana.

Peter Clarke was the police officer in charge of the investigation into the 7 July tube train attacks in London.

General Charles Guthrie was Chief of the Defence Staff in the UK until 2001.

He is a non-executive director of N M Rothschild & Sons.

He is a Knight of Malta.

All three, in a letter of 4 May 2010, to the Times, have attacked the UK Liberal Democrat Party.

Lib Dems and national security

They write:

"We are concerned that the Liberal Democrats make no mention of Nato in their manifesto.

"Almost every reference to the United States is accompanied by a call for a much more distant relationship - and this includes the Obama Administration.

"An enhanced European defence and security posture, however welcome, cannot substitute for American power.

"The Liberal Democrats’ leadership have adopted a wide range of positions on whether, and when, they would withdraw our servicemen from Afghanistan...

"The Liberal Democrats ... pre-emptively rule out military action against Iran...

"Several senior Liberal Democrat frontbenchers have indicated that they might want to scrap the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent altogether...

"The Liberal Democrats are seemingly willing to expose our intelligence and security services to relentless inquiry and investigation...

"The Liberal Democrats' unilateral abandonment of control orders, with nothing to replace them, would leave the United Kingdom exposed..."

So, the Liberal Democrats may be worth voting for in constituencies where they have a chance of beating the spooky Labour Party or the spooky Conservative Party.

The party with the most sensible policies on defence is the Scottish National Party.


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james said...

Three old warhorses, eh. Happy to put their name to something to get a little lime light in the fading light.
Happy to help reinforce the illusion that there are different sides with differing positions.
No one could claim that there is any difference between Labour and Tory. Even Peter Hitchens thinks so (or was told so). So so that leaves our man Clegg as the designated so so foil.

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