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Thailand's Maj. Gen. Khattiya "Seh Daeng" Sawatdiphol has worked for the CIA. (Renegade joins Thai Red Shirts‎)

And, in the current conflict in Thailand, he has worked with the 'Reds'. (Who are the red shirts? )

He is wanted for questioning about a death squad which the Thai government blames for grenade attacks on military and public targets.

The CIA takes an interest in Thailand.

In the 1970s the CIA was working alongside the Thai security agencies. (Thailand )

William Blum reported that in 1987, during Corazon Aquino's presidency, Reagan approved a $10 million, two-year plan for increased CIA involvement in the Philippines. (The CIA's Psycho-War and Torture Schemes in The Philippines‎)

Bangkok. Note the kid behind the bus shelter. His mother worked on a building site.

Street children, Bangkok.

The Thai economy was doing well.

Then trouble began and the economy was hit. (Toyota to close Thai plant as crisis hit sales)

Many people have died in the recent clashes in Thailand.

Anthony Davis, an analyst with Janes Defence Weekly, says of Thailand:

"There are elements within the military providing the opposition with tactical information." (Cracks emerging in Thai military)

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has put forward the idea that among the peaceful demonstrators there are "terrorists" - a mysterious "third hand" provoking violence through grenade tossings or shootings.

A BBC correspondent claims to have seen 'soldiers' carrying and shooting high velocity guns.


The King is not well.

Bangkok workers.


Anonymous said...

Been thinking the same thing. And was the shooting of their "asset" Khattiya (by another CIA asset) a classic false flag op to further the Abhisist govt's embarrassment?
Why? Is the govt buying non-US military hardware, not relaxing tariffs of US goods or restricting US petro-exploration in the area? Just 3 ideas...
This new confrontation (I've reported on Thailand for 30 years) is very un-Thai. Very nasty.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting - for sure there are powerful western elements supporting Thaksin and his cartel. I have done a lot of research on this here... scroll down. One article was featured on

If you have any information regarding names, front organizations, or areas of activity, please find my e-mail on my blog and send to me. If you need any of my sources, please let me know.

Tony Cartalucci

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