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Reportedly, Saudis like to visit Mumbai for the girls.

In May 2010, embassies in New Delhi warned of an imminent 'terror' attack.

The terror alert comes days after Pakistan and India agreed to resume ministerial-level talks.

There is a theory that the Pentagon does not want peace in India.

There is a theory that the Pentagon would like to see India broken up, just like Yugoslavia.


Saudi Arabia has a history of helping the Pentagon.

Quoting a French intelligence report, The New Yorker reported (Cached):

"During the 1980s, when the Reagan administration secretly arranged for an estimated $34 million to be funneled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras in Nicaragua, (Osama’s eldest brother) Salem bin Laden aided in this cause."

According to Indian authorities, huge sums of money were transferred from Saudi Arabia to Mumbai in the year before the 2006 Mumbai train attacks.

(Saudis funded Mumbai blasts.)

Reportedly Saudi money was used to plan and execute the blasts on Mumbai's suburban trains.

Pattaya, famous for its child brothels and high murder rate.

What links do the CIA and MI6 have to Al Qaeda?

Reportedly the Gulf States, Pattaya in Thailand, and Chicago provide part of the answer.

Reportedly the CIA and MI6 meet their Al Qaeda pals in Pattaya.

In July 2001, Le Figaro and french radio reported that Osama bin Laden was staying at the American Hospital in Dubai, and there he was visited by Larry Mitchell, the CIA's station chief in Dubai.

Reportedly, Qatar’s interior minister, Sheikh Al-Thani, harboured Al Qaeda's number three man Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Al Qaeda operative Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.

Reportedly, a cousin of Bin Laden’s financial adviser worked at the British Consulate General in Chicago. Reportedly, from there, money was delivered to 'Al Qaeda' operatives in the United States.

Reportedly, the CIA and MI6 work closely with Al Qaeda.

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Tim Gatto, in the Atlantic Free Press on 15 January 2009, wrote that the US government invented "a huge group of militant Muslims operating in 87 countries that was led by Osama Bin Laden. The name of this Washington invention was called al Qaeda."

Former UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda is a database of militias and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis.

Reportedly, the CIA's Al Qaeda blackmails the Gulf States.

Reportedly the CIA's Al Qaeda has extorted protection money from the governments of the Gulf.

On 26 August 2009, Wayne Madsen, at Online Journal, wrote:

"CIA collusion with 'Al Qaeda' financiers and attack planners"

(Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.)

According to Wayne Madsen:

1. "An intelligence source from a NATO country" has reported that elements of the CIA are working with top Gulf state officials who are linked to 'Al Qaeda' networks.

2. A top prince in Qatar acts as a link between the CIA and 'Al Qaeda.'

3. The prince contacts 'Al Qaeda’s' financial network through contacts in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

4. The British Embassy's regional security officer in Dubai, believed to be an MI6 officer, maintains contact with the Qatari prince and his network in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

5. This network is allowed to operate with CIA and MI6 knowledge and support.

6. This network involves a top official in the government of Abu Dhabi who is close to the Abu Dhabi royal family.

7. Reportedly, the CIA station at the U.S. embassy in Doha, Qatar, has been a key link between the CIA and the 'Al Qaeda' support network.

8. Reportedly, the CIA in the UAE maintains close contact with Osama Bin Laden’s former financial adviser, a British-Mozambican UK citizen.

This man once lived in Bin Laden’s home in Saudi Arabia which was visited by diplomats from Britain and the United States.

A cousin of Bin Laden’s financial adviser worked at the British Consulate General in Chicago.

From there, financial support was given to 'Al Qaeda' operatives in the United States.

9. Chicago FBI agents Robert Wright and John Vincent began investigating the Al Qaeda money trail between Chicago and Bin Laden. Their investigation was spiked by FBI headquarters in Washington.

FBI agent John P O'Neill got close to the connections between 'Al Qaeda,' the Saudi government, and the CIA and MI6.

O’Neill was retired from the FBI.

10. Bin Laden maintained accounts at the CIA-linked Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

(BCCI was created with capital from Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Bank of America)

11. In Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand, 'Al Qaeda' operatives, often meet CIA and MI6 'liaisons'.

Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons.

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