Monday, April 05, 2010


Artwork illustrating four rotor TidalStream SST tidal turbine units in a typical application - TidalStream Partners

Scotland is expected to provide around a quarter of Europe's alternative energy.

This alternative energy includes tide, wave and wind power produced in Scottish waters, supposedly owned by 'the Crown'.

Many billions of pounds will be earned, either by the people of Scotland, or by 'the Crown'.

The Crown Estate Commissioners (CEC) manage the Crown property rights in Scotland.

The CEC, in evidence to the Commons Treasury Committee, admit they do not actually own anything.

Scotland owns the Scottish seabed

According to the Commons Treasury Committee, "Crown property rights in Scotland are defined and governed by Scots law, including Scotland's Crown rights in Scotland's territorial seabed and continental shelf area.

"As a result of the Scotland Act 1998, the Scottish Parliament can legislate over the extent and nature of Crown property rights in Scotland, legislate to regulate the use of land and property rights and issue guidance on standards of good management."

Andy Wightman, a leading authority on public rights to land in Scotland, says the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood definitely can abolish the Crown rights to the seabed, in order to let Scottish ministers hold them instead.


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